Team Sky has released details of an official team music track ahead of its participation in this year’s Tour de France, starting on Saturday (June 30).

According to the squad, the track has been created to “help inspire, excite and motivate Team Sky riders ahead of the Tour”.

The track was created by production duo The Elite consisting of Z-Dot and Dan Dare, with vocals provided by Ollie Sloan. According to Sky, The Elite have previously worked with artists such as Drake, Wretch 32, Maverick Sabre, Trey Songz and Wiley. The track will be officially released in July.

Sky are aiming for overall victory at the Tour de France with Bradley Wiggins, whilst Mark Cavendish will attempt to defend his green points classification jersey.

Listen to the track by clicking ‘play’ below.

There’s also a video trailer for Sky’s appearance at the Tour de France

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  • ANDY

    Awful. More proof that everyone is jumping on the cycling bandwagon!

  • Mark Jones

    Just when you think Team Sky are a decent team and the awful hype had gone, they come up with this rubbish. Dave Brailsford you obviously love the team being the laughing stock of the peloton, now sort out those marginal gains or better still leave the hard work to the likes of Sean Yates and Rod Ellingworth. Though perhaps you’ll have the last laugh when it’s number one and every kid in the country is dancing to this while wearing their Wiggo yellow jerseys come the end of July.

  • Geoff

    Oh dear… No, just no.

  • Pete

    The sooner they shut down the Audiotool site the better!
    Seriously – what a load of plop.

  • Robert Markle

    tart-tart-tart…..tart music.
    Hope you don’t stink up the Tour like your music just stunk up my laptop!

  • kev

    Kraftwerk- Tour de france, end of………………………………………………………..

  • Giles Pocklington

    My ears are bleeding. Make it stop.

  • Tim Allen

    Would expect this is much more about marketing men and account managers, building the brand and keeping sponsors happy, and has very little to do with the riders. I’d be surprised if Wiggins et al let this kind of distracting nonsense even register, but Team Sky is a large, expensive operation and marketing and corporate BS is part it.

  • Robin

    Hopefully there is more substance to their campaign than this bit of throw away nonsense. Seriously, what is the point of this? Who is the target audience? Reminds me of the rapha continental stuff, all very nice, but ultimately pointless.

  • Stephen Campbell

    I bet you a pound to a penny that Bradley Wiggins will never listen to this , it is truly bloody awfull !!! Pun intended get on your bike………

  • max

    I can already hear the comments on French and Belgian TV

  • B’oB

    Kraftwerk it most certainly ain’t.

  • William Hirst

    One word .Rubbish.

  • Andy Huxtable

    hope the team like that tune but personally for me it sucks! what where they thinking? your not football players, this isn’t a cup run and you’re not up your own….!

  • mcrmc

    the most marginal of gains

  • Michael

    Truly horrendous. Stick to what you do best!

  • dave

    Dear adam,
    While I appreciate your comment as a cyclist, the rest of the world feel left out unfairly. They hate it too.
    Yours sincerely,
    A cyclist, and a human

  • adam

    Dear Dave Brailsford,
    Yours sincerely,
    The whole cycling world