Four different media sources in Spain are claiming that Alberto Contador may be cleared completely of all charges of doping by his federation when it publishes its definitive verdict on Tuesday.

The verdict is due to be published tomorrow (Tuesday) but anonymous sources within what is supposed to be a confidential system are reported to have tipped off the press in advance.

That was what happened prior to the provisional verdict of a year’s suspension for Contador’s clenbuterol positive, which was leaked by insiders around ten days ago. And it may – or may not – be true again this time round.

So far three newspapers – both of Spain’s biggest selling dailies, El Mundo and El Pais, as well as the best-selling sports-only daily, MARCA and its closest rival, AS – have claimed that Contador’s initial sentence of a year may well be revised in his favour.

All of them have had excellent insider access in the past to information on the Contador case, to the point where El Mundo has already published the entire federation file on the case.

The sentence, come what may, is almost certain not to be the final stage of the Contador case. Both WADA and the UCI have repeated they reserve the right to go to the Court of Arbitration for Sport should they disagree with the Spanish federation’s final verdict.

Although WADA have dropped their possible appeal against Dimitrij Ovtcharov, a table tennis player who also used the ‘contaminated meat’ argument and was cleared by the German table tennis federation, it has been pointed out that Contador ate the meat in Europe, where clenbuterol use for stock fattening is illegal, not China – where clenbuterol is widely used and where Ovtcharov ate it.

Contador’s legal team have claimed, though, that the level of testing for clenbuterol in Europe is insufficient, something they have backed up with scientific research.

Should the verdict go against Contador, and be raised to two years, or remain the same, which is still technically possible, then the Spaniard has already stated he will fight on.

If he is cleared, Contador would, however, be free to race. Around a month ago, he was listed by his team, Saxo Bank, as a possible starter in the Tour of Murcia in early March. There are reports in Spain that he will even be able to race in the Tour of the Algarve.

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  • Richard

    Lots of people with opinions on here. Very little of any substance on either side of the debate.

  • Katie

    Brian, You sum it up perfectly but why do we not just make the TDF only open to Spanish riders from all the Spanish teams then we could save money on Dope Controls, the UCI, CAS & WADA need not get involved.

    Then the Spanish riders who ride for non Spanish teams and have never had any link to Dodgy Doctors etc could get on with their job without being associated with the Spanish Federation, Government etc

  • Baz

    “An Spaniard” may seem to have dodgy English but he’s surprisingly accurate with his use of the apostrophe; I reckon it’s Fast Stan from the Wobbly Wheelers trying to wind us up.

  • Angharad

    If a full investigation shows this contamination is not environmental then he should be banned. If a full investigation hasn’t been performed then perhaps some of the organisations involved should be offering resignations and taking on someone who can catch the cheats.

  • Brian

    Why am I not suprised? At least now I will be able to LOL with confidence while looking at the Spanish sport performances (football, tennis, cycling, basketball…). I hope Contadope win the Tour, Sanchez places second and another Spaniard placed third. That will be the worst that could happen to Cycling but at this point it is now necessary for the Sport to sank completely in terms of credibility.

  • john brennan

    Common sense at last!

  • Oli

    Well, there you have it. Who said the Spanish were slack on doping issues? They’ve proven us all wrong haven’t they?

  • An Spaniard

    It’s justice. Not guilty, perfect. He have to thing about next Tour. Go Contador !!!

  • Jim Kendall

    If Alberto Contador were a close personal friend, my friendly advice to him would be to retire from the professional cycling arena, permanently. The industry has let him down; and the federations in judgment have shown themselves to be immature lug-heads. This is not a group I’d encourage “my friend Alberto” to continue in relationship with.
    That said; It occurs to me that the last many months have probably been for Contador severely emotionally draining – they certainly would have been for myself – and brimful of uncertainties; that I don’t know that Alberto would be able to be in top-form, even if he’d qualified for this year’s Tour.
    Were I Contador, I’d welcome the respite: AND I WOULD NOT RETURN.

  • Greg H

    Teflon replaces carbon as cycling’s material of choice.

  • Graham Backs

    Contador is like Puss in Boots in the Shrek films. He just opens those big, brown eyes as wide as he can and the Spanish cycling federation roll over and do whatever he wants.

  • Baz

    Yeah, that sounds about right. Bucket of whitewash anyone?