Cycle sport’s governing body, the Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI), has said that it will appeal against the decision made by the Spanish Cycling Federation (RFEC) to acquit Alberto Contador of charges relating to his clenbuterol positive at the 2010 Tour de France.

The UCI will appeal to the Court of Arbitration for Sport in Lausanne, Switzerland, after studying documents provided by RFEC.

Contador failed a test for clenbuterol on the Tour’s second rest day in Pau on July 21. He subsequently claimed that the banned substance was ingested via a tainted steak brought to France from Spain by a friend.

Contador is currently leading the overall classification of the Volta a Catalunya in Spain.

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  • Mike

    Mike Short.
    You are the sensible voice in all this.
    As you say, the athlete is responsible for what is in there body, regardless.
    If inadvertent consumption is alowed as an excuse the floodgates will open for anyone to dope.
    Ricco would have a ready made excuse and be back within months.
    It was synthetic, it was in Contadors system, guilty, end of.

  • Jon

    Re. the strange statement, I guess it could mean they are appealing on the basis of the available evidence rather than any antipathy towards Contador.

    Or it could indicate that they are having to appeal to avoid allegations of a cover up or to pre-empt WADA and want to send a message to Contador and others that their heart isn’t in it, because if they appeared too keen then AC might be more inclined to shed some light on some of the mystery surrounding the exact relationship between doping, commercial interests and senior members of the UCI over the last 20 years.

  • Brian

    Great news. Hope they manage to nail the doper for 2 years.

  • barry davies

    Think this is a strange statement from the UCI
    “Our main goal is not to prove that Contador is guilty. We don’t want the head of Contador,”
    If they dont want him guilty whaqt is the point of dope tests ???

  • Geoff Gartrell

    There seems to be a lot of wriggling to get off the hook at the UCI.

  • mike Short

    This has nothing to do with levels of the synthetic agent nor does it have anything to do with undermining the sport. This is all about the issue of inadvertent consumption.

    All floodgate issues start with small breaches that look for all intents and purposes to be minimal. If the UCI allows the inavertant usage excuse to go, then what for al the people in the future who allege their drinks bottles have been spiked? The UCI has a zero tolerance policy and rightly so too.

    The best thing about this is that the sport operates under transparency and the rule of law; the CAS is the ultimate arbiter of all of this. This leaves no room for dictators or national interests. I, like everyone concerned, hope for a quick appeals process.

  • PeterLB

    Witch hunt?! Sounds like Contador was doping to me and should be banned for two years. Don’t let the levels fool you, Clenbuterol is a synthetic product and there’s no reason for it to be in the human body.

    As for undermining the Spanish Federation, don’t make us laugh! Their cyclists have been getting away with it for years, and they’ve known all about it! If I was at the IOC I’d kick Spain out of the Olympics as they don’t take their anti-doping responsibilities seriously.

  • John Powell

    50 pico grams, no other failed tests! All sounds like a witch hunt, Pat McQuaid is acting like a dictator.
    Utterly ridiculous and very damaging to the credibility of the sport. It also undermines the Spanish Federation. I hate doping too but this is a clear case of inadvertent consumption.

  • PV

    Well . . . its about time.