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  • Well made
  • Light
  • Durable
  • Decent price


  • Not as supple as some rivals


Continental Podium TT tubular


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The updated version of the time-trial specific tubular uses Black Chili, Continental’s special compound that is claimed to make them last longer, roll faster and grip better, and there’s now a 22mm version (it only came in 19mm before). The weight has come down to a respectable 205g (listed, I confess I forgot to weigh them myself in my eagerness to stick them on my TT bike).

With three plies and a total 180tpi they are not, and do not feel, as supple as some of the tubs by Conti’s Italian rivals, but the Germans no doubt have their own test results to prove their choices are the right ones, taking everything into account including price.

However, they are very well made, reassuringly tight on the rims and once in place, crucially run very straight.


I have been very impressed by the complete lack of cuts after two hilly time trials, both of which I rode out to. At half the price of a Veloflex Record, you can ride out on these, but you get what you pay for, and if you want super-supple silks you have to pay more, and risk puncturing more too Contact:

  • Simon Smythe

    It’s a bit after the event I know, but here’s an update a few months on.

    Steve — in the hilly time trials they were fine, but as I mentioned not as supple and therefore not as fast as some of Conti’s Italian rivals, but they were cheaper. There are too many variables in a real TT to say how well they cornered because for a start, the main thing is to make sure you corner so that you don’t fall off, and I’m happy to say I’ve never fallen off in a TT. Perhaps I corner too conservatively…

    As for their puncture resistance — both of the samples are now punctured and I have to say I expected them to last a bit longer than they did as I didn’t ride them much last year. For sporting courses I would go for something a bit heavier. I have some old Wolbers with green ‘Paris-Roubaix’ sidewalls and I’m riding hillies on them again now. I’ve had them on and off wheels for about eight years now and they’re still perfect. With punctures it’s really the luck (or bad luck) of the draw, but only with heavy tubs — heavier than these Conti Podium TTs — can you be sure you won’t be rattling across the line on the rim or walking along the road in your socks. I would sacrifice the small losses due to increased rolling resistance for that.

    The RRP now appears to have jumped up to £65.95, so they’re definitely not a bargain any more in my opinion — neither the fastest out there, nor the most puncture resistant, nor the cheapest.

  • Steve Potts

    Good……but a bit of a heads-up on how they performed IN the ‘hilly time trials’ would have been beneficial – i.e. rolling resistance? Grip when cornering? Sound? Yer..know….racing stuff – after all this is for racing right? not just to ride out to an event on…