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  • Brilliant ride characteristics
  • Pinch puncture resistance
  • Superb grip and cornering


  • Price


Hutchinson Atom Tubeless tyres


Price as reviewed:


At the cutting edge of Hutchinson’s three tubeless tyre offerings is the Atom. It’s the company’s race day offering for the tubeless revolution and sadly costs accordingly.

At 265g its 30g lighter than the Fusion 3 and not miles off the pace for a high-end tyre.

We’ve been impressed with the puncture resistance; it’s no worse than the best we’ve used, which is a way of saying it cuts up but not without reason. Size wise it comes up small for a 23mm tyre and measures more like 21mm, making it more aerodynamic and, thanks to the tubeless construction, pinch resistant too.


The final words are saved for the ride characteristics. Atom tubeless are simply brilliant. On last year's Etape, the low rolling resistance was a joy while the confidence-inspiring feel when cornering was simply astounding. In my opinion, the Atoms are the best tyres for cornering performance and grip. Contact:

  • Mike Huggins

    I found your tale of frame stiffness quite interesting, working in F1 as Mr. Smart; only aero beats stiffness in the race for the prime criteria in F1. A number of years ago a certain Italian motor cycle manufacturer went through a “chase the stiffness” period. The net product was incredibly stiff frame, but the riders hated it; the results of that year are best forgotten. A year on, the older more flexible frames returned and also another championship. There is a moral here, almost no one learns from others mistakes and follows “the fashion”. Thanks for an interesting article. Regards, MIke Huggins.

  • Frans Rutten


    Aren’t those bikes awesome SLOW judged by the given power numbers to ride 20mph?
    Or is meant the average power needed to reach 20mph in 10 seconds?

    Frans Rutten