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  • Good in the dry


  • Not so good in the wet


Mavic Yksion Mavic GripLink and Yksion PowerLink


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Initial dry rides on the 2013 front Grip and rear Power combo indicated that the tyres matched up to claims of grip in corners and good traction when giving it a bit of welly.

Add rain to the equation and our experience wasn’t so good. The 23mm tyres struggled to hold on to the road sufficiently – even in a slight off-camber straight line with no braking the rear stepped out.


We had a similar issue on a first generation pair, and Mavic changed the compound as a consequence, but looking at the narrow tyre cross-section, it may need to go back to the profile design drawing board.


Tyres:Mavic Yksion Mavic GripLink and Yksion PowerLink
  • Barry Harrison

    i started cycling 12 weeks ago, after 9 weeks I wanted more. Now traveling from Southern Spain to England. Bought a Bianchi and upgraded to Mavic Yksion Pro wheel and tyre set. I’ve no experience of other tyres but so far I’ve been very pleased. I did nearly 1000 miles before a punctured side wall and that was my own fault for not looking ahead. I was taking in too much of the Spanish scenery. The riding so far has been on good roads with only one day of torrential rain, where I cycled for 4 hours without a stop. Naturally I eased on the speed on twisting long downhills but never once did I feel vulnerable. I have ridden motorcycles on road and raced off road, so I do have adequate experience of drawing some comparisons.
    So, riding an average of 220 miles per week With a lot of mountains to contend with, I achieve an average speed of 13 mph. I can ride a lot faster over shorter distances and flatter terrain. Up to 30 miles I can average 21 mph. I have averaged 15mph over 51 miles. I’m 45 and haven’t exercised for years. When I started cycling 12 weeks ago I weighed in at 14stb 4lb and now I’m 13 stone. All the data I have supplied demonstrates what a brilliant tyre this Mavic Yksion Pro has been for me.

  • David

    Not usually one to write reviews, but DO NOT BUY THESE TYRES. Fair enough, the grip is good, but they puncture ridiculously easily – I’ve been getting 2 punctures a week commuting to work since I bought them, and have now spent about as much on new inner tubes as I did on the tyres. They give way to even the slightest pot hole or sharp gravel – avoid at all (extortionate) costs.

  • Daren

    Bought these for a pair of older Kysrium Elite wheels. They are not a 23! Just looking at the profile they are much closer to a 21. I also run them at 100/105psi. I’ve raced them and ridden in the rain and did not feel that grip was so bad. I normally ride Schwalbe Durano/Ultremo and these are noticeably narrower and, performance-wise, fall between the two for rolling and suppleness. The rear is looking worn after a gentle season and I’ll probably go back to Ultremos once they are fully worn. One pinch flat in about 700 miles.

  • Sam

    Measured the width of these on a pair of ksyrium sl wheels, they were just a little over 21 mm wide, which is quite narrow for a tire that is marked as a 23. I also measure a pair of Shwalbe ultremo DD and they measured as almost 24 mm wide on the same rim. Makes you wonder why Mavic’s tires are so light

  • Alan white

    Liked the lightness of the Mavic Ksyrium Elite S wheelset that come complete Mavic Yksion tyres. On riding with them initially they felt pretty good, however I have experienced some slight sideways movement in the rear and was not sure if it was the tyres or the small amount of sideways play that appears to be in the wheels, but no good tightening the hubs to much as wheels then won’t run freely. So it must be the tyres giving this movement on occasion, so I will try a pair of continentals once get some wear out of these first.

  • Mostyn

    Got the Mavic tyres with a new set of Ksyrium Elite S Wheels. The new tyres look pretty good; they are very lightweight; and Yksion Pro Tyres are front & rear specific – Griplink and Powerlink. I’ve only used the tyres for a short while (about 100, miles) and in dry conditions; except for being caught out in a rain shower that didn’t last very long.

    In the dry : They roll very nicely with the correct tyre pressure. I put 100, psi in the front & 110, psi in the rear, I weigh in under 11, stone. I think the tyre compound feels a little softer; and helps to cushen the ride somewhat on rough or uneven surfaces, (humps-bumps & pot-holes) no problem getting up to speed on the Mavic Tyres; and cornering on a dry road, they hold the road well (like the preverbial to a blanket) and on the one occasion it rained; I had no problem with the tyres on the wet road surface, Although, the rain didn’t last for any length of time! I quite like the Yksion tyres, they’re a pleasure to ride on and look quite smart, but I think they call for a little more testing in wet conditions. I’d give them 8, out of 10, at present. I’ve not had them; or used them enough to give them a better review.