I am in my late thirties and reasonably fit, but my job is not of a physical nature, so I lose fitness quickly over the winter.

What can I add to my training that will benefit me most? I have plenty of spare time (due to shifts) but can?t abide running.

D. Trickett, email

I recommend that you concentrate on strength and core stability when you?re off the bike. Pilates is a great option and will help keep you injury-free. Using the gym or investing in home weights and performing low-intensity high-repetition training, concentrating on large muscle groups, will provide some extra fat-burning for you to make up for some of the drop-off in bike miles.

The turbo-trainer is the obvious option for keeping the miles in, whatever the weather, but failing that swimming is a reasonably good option too.

Try to train in repetitions, keeping the intensity fairly high with recoveries between sets. You never know, if you adopt this training method for running you may even find you enjoy that too!

Remember, if your training mileage has dropped, then a modified food intake is needed too. Try to eat small, regular meals, reducing your total intake to match your drop-off in miles.

Lynn Clay

Sports nutritionist. Lynn provides sports nutrition advice to personal trainers and fitness staff