Chris has been following the Health and Fitness for Cyclists programme designed for committed cyclists with time to spare and plenty of motivation. Chris has had a great year with some top results and attained his coveted elite licence but all the hard work has taken its toll.

After two weeks completely off the bike at the beginning of August – a great mid-season opportunity to recharge – I’ve come back super-keen and have promptly ridden myself into the ground to get my form back.

I had a good ride in my club’s hill-climb championships, but probably did a bit too much, because I had to throttle off again for a while – I had a short spell where I was permanently tired and not recovering.

As a result, I’ve had a fairly easy programme from hunter as of late, with top-end emphasis on some threshold work and sprints – but no crazy hours or mileage. I’ve been racing quite a few mid-week crits and being competitive in most races, contesting the win in most. Indeed I won the Surrey League handicap champs , and am London’s circuit race champion!

I’m still looking forward to the shorter end of season road races, and the hill climbs, and am pondering whether to ride cross again this year or do one of the winter series. I’m still not sure how best to structure my winter so that I can target some big road races next season.

Chris Moores