I am in the process of purchasing a winter training bike (Scott Speedster 30FB, on which I will replace the bars, fit guards, etc) and am considering replacing the basic groupset by transferring my Shimano Ultegra groupset from my Scott CR1 Pro.

This gives me the opportunity to upgrade the groupset on the CR1 Pro. My question is, should I choose Dura-Ace, SRAM Force or Campagnolo Chorus/Record, and how do these compare for cost, weight and performance?

John Curtis, Surrey

This one is a classic personal preference answer I?m afraid. I would recommend that you get down to your local bike shop and see if you can test ride all three. I am certain that you will instantly know which one you prefer, as they are all quite different.

One consideration is that if you are riding two bikes, it makes sense to stick with the same brand, as you may find it weird to continually have to adjust to different ways of shifting as you go from bike to bike.

Stu Bowers

Tech expert. Sports science graduate, bike fitter and national-level cross and mtb rider.