Chris Moores charts his progress following fitness programme 2 (for the committed cyclist) from CW’s Health & Fitness for Cyclists magazine.

I am enjoying Hunter’s programme, and managing to stick to it pretty well (every two weeks or so I am unable to get out or I take an additional low key/rest day).

Interestingly, I’m not getting more tired than usual – I have commuted every day for the last three years, so riding every day is fine – but I find it crucial to adhere to riding easy on days when the intensity is low, even if it means getting passed by all and sundry (including the jeans/T-shirt and mountain bike with back wheel so buckled the brake is unhooked brigade).

I have been lent an SRM unit to train with by, and it’s great having so much information at my fingertips: speed, cadence, and the golden variable; power output! It adds a new dimension to training. Comparing files from different days gives a good guide to how I am going. I haven?t raced with the unit yet, but it?ll be interesting to see whether I can squeeze a little more power out when the pressure is on!

The workouts are also going well. It takes a bit of thought to decide how best to incorporate the specific activities, and to remember them while out on the ride, but it gives each me a focus, which is great, particularly when I’m on my own.

I?ve been doing ok in recent races I have done, but it?s too early to say whether there are any new strengths creeping into my game. For that we shall wait and see! Hunters programme prescribes some intense work on days before races (typically Fridays and Saturdays), and I’ve been surprised how doing spurts at threshold keeps me sharp – in the past I’ve bent over backwards to avoid feeling too much ‘burn’. The key seems to be that they are short, not prolonged periods; they nibble at threshold but do not go way into the red!


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