Karen is following the CW ‘Fitness Rider’ programme from the Health & Fitness magazine.

Since my last blog I’ve changed locations slightly and at the moment I’m on holiday in New Zealand.

Fantastic location for cycling, though. I’m having a rather energetic holiday but still managing to fit in my cycling and I have to say the scenery and weather have made it a much more pleasurable experience – I’ve actually needed my sunglasses! I’m feeling more and more comfortable on a bike (sadly my pride and joy is back home).

I’m still cycling regularly whilst here. My best ride so far was when I was fortunate enough to be taken on a bike ride by a local enthusiast in Rotorua. He was rather good and after half an hour of hair pin bends up hill I was seriously regretting saying yes. When we finally made it to the top I thought the hard part was over, but then came the down hill, which scared me stupid – I think I was probably slower going down than up! But at least there’s less traffic.

There are cyclists everywhere here, and I’ve enjoyed seeing the scenery on a bike rather than by car etc. I’m feeling quite relaxed about it all and have been really enjoying my programme – ok so I am prepared to admit the scenery, weather and the fact I’m on holiday could possibly be the reason why!

I’m sure when I get back I might need a wee bit of motivation to get out of bed on a cold rainy morning but I’ve actually missed having my own bike and being able to use it when I want to rather than having to borrow or rent one over here – maybe I’m getting hooked already!


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