Q: I am intending to fit a Campagnolo Record carbon seatpost to my Giant OCR. Do I need to fit a special seatpost clamp, or will it be OK to turn the standard clamp so that the slots are opposite each other?

Paul Standeven

A: The OCR (depending on it?s age) will have a shim inside the seat tube which is designed to equalise the pressure exerted on the seatpin by the seat clamp, so there is no need to spin the clamp 180 degrees, but it won?t do any harm.

When it comes to greasing carbon pins it?s not that straightforward. The galvanic reaction between carbon and aluminium can be very aggressive, but it is more common with carbon frames with alu seatpins rather than the other way round.

Road salt is usually the trigger for the reaction to take place. One thing for definite, though, is to never use Vaseline as it is petroleum based and if it came into prolonged contact with the carbon it could cause delamination and failure. Use Pedros Syn Grease, Pace RC7 or Corrosion Block instead.

David Ward is training manager and events co-ordinator for Giant UK