Eight tips for fundraising as you take on the CW5000

This year we've teamed up with Alzheimer's Research UK to help raise funds and awareness of an all to common condition.

Sporting events raise millions of pounds for charities and good causes in a normal year, and cycling is one of the most popular activities people use for fundraising on the Just Giving platform.

With all mass participation events on hold, the CW5000 offers riders the perfect opportunity to keep riding, and keep raising money.

For 2021 we've teamed up with Alzheimer's Research UK to raise awareness, and hopefully some money for the amazing work they do for those suffering from dementia in all it's forms.

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But not everyone is confident in asking others for money, even if it's for a great cause. It might come naturally to a sales person, but for many it's a difficult conversation to have with friends, families or neighbours, so we asked the team at ARUK for some of their best tips on how to raise money.

If you do decide to raise money of ARUK you'll find it a huge motivator. Knowing others have committed to give you money for riding your bike will help you get out on those days when you're lacking a bit of get up and go.

That external motivator of not letting others down and of committing to raising that money can be all it takes to change your mind from; 'hmmm, it's raining, I might leave it today', to, 'right, lets get this done.'

If you sign up to raise money for ARUK will be there to support you through the challenge should you decide to raise money for them, and we're looking for people to blog about their experiences as they clock up the miles and the money. Be sure to get in touch if you do get set up to raise money - cycling@futurenet.com

Top tips for fundraising as you ride the CW5000

  1. Set up an online fundraising page. This is the first step on your journey. it keeps a tally of all the money you've raised in one place and makes it easy for others to donate. No cashing cheques or paying in cash and transferring funds and everything is transparent, so people know their money is logged and will go to the charity. This method also allows those who donate to tick the Gift Aid box and best of all the money will be automatically transferred to the charity.
  2. Add a photo. This may seem like the obvious thing to do, but seeing a face instantly connects people to you and your challenge. It makes it feel like they' know you, and it will reassure them they're donating to the correct person. Be sure to smile too!
  3. Set a target. Pages with targets will raise more money. It's a simple goal setting exercise. Not only will you be motivate to hit that target, but friends who donate will see it too, and want to help you hit it. And with a bit of luck you'll smash through the target like the incredible Captain Sir Tom Moore did in 2020.
  4. Complete the 'About me' section on the page. This is your chance to tell people exactly what you're doing, and where their money will go.
  5. Keep your page updated. keep everyone updated with your progress by updating your page. This could be your annual mileage, how your last ride went, what you're planning for the months ahead. Anything to keep people interested. Then.....
  6. Share, share, share. Whenever you've hit a milestone let people know, and when you do, remind them of your fundraising page. Social media is good, but it can get drowned out, so why not try sending people a monthly update of your progress.
  7. Invite people to get involved. Get your backers involved by inviting them along for a ride. This could be on a virtual platform, or, when restrictions are lifted, in real life. If they feel like they've contributed they'll be more involved in your riding and your fundraising
  8. Get creative. There are lots of things you can do to get people interested in your challenge. You could hold a fun sweepstake, asking people to guess how many miles you're going to cover the following month. Or why not host a virtual quiz night that's related to your riding. Or you could earmark one day or weekend when you ride in fancy dress. Anything to get people interested and keep them coming back.

You can find more fundraising ideas by signing up for a free fundraising pack. Or you can get in touch direct with the team at ARUK, they'd love to hear from you. Call them on 0300 111 55555 or email them at fundraising@alzheimersresearchuk.org

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