21 ways to get your season off to a flying start

Motivation is key: achievable, aspirational goals with clear checkpoints is a great place to start. Structured training, bike servicing and joining a club will all help set you on the right trajectory, too

Male cyclist riding outdoors
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It's a fresh new year: the days are lengthing, the excesses of the festive period are now in the past and aspirations for the summer might already be set. But like any new flame, to stoke it into a roaring fire requires due care and attetion early on.

To that end, here's 21 tips for making 2024 your best year for cycling yet - with advice ranging from how to land on motivational targets, mix up your training, boost your fitness and get the best from your equipment. 

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Charlie Allenby
Freelance journalist

Charlie Allenby is a freelance journalist specialising in cycling, running and fitness. He has written for publications including the Guardian, the Independent, T3, Bike Radar, Runner’s World, Time Out London and Conde Nast Traveller, and cut his teeth as staff writer for Road Cycling UK (RIP). He is also the author of Bike London: A Guide to Cycling in the City. When not chained to his desk, Charlie can be found exploring the lanes and bridlepaths of Hertfordshire and Essex aboard his pink and purple Genesis Fugio.