Winter cycling socks: beat numb toes with these toasty treats

No one likes numb toes, and you can avoid them with the right socks - we round up some of the best

The two worst things about cycling in winter have got to be numb hands and numb toes. Defeat these, and riders can enjoy base miles with a smile, and the latter is greatly reduced by wearing a good pair of winter cycling socks.

One of the key mistakes winter cyclists make is to overpack shoes with too much sock – either wearing socks which are too thick or doubling up. The result is that the shoes become overly tight, cutting off blood supply and thus actually causing numb toes.

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A good winter sock is able to provide warmth without being thick and bulky. Some also come with water resistant or even waterproof treatment, to keep out the splashes on those proper-winter days.

Here’s a look at some of the best pairs on the market…

Cadence DNC Merino Wool socks

The DNC socks from Cadence

RRP: £22

Review score: 8/10

Merino is soft, durable, and incredibly warm despite being lightweight and low in volume. Not only that, it generally doesn’t hold on to whiffs – making it an excellent material for winter socks.

The DNC socks from Cadence mix Merino Wool (59 per cent) with Nylon (34 per cent) and ThermoCool (4 per cent) plus Lycra (3 per cent) – to create a fabric which is warm, quick drying and stretches well enough to create a good fit.

Check out our review of the Cadence DNC Merino socks here

See them at Cadence for £22 here 

dhb ASV Merino Thermal Cycle Socks

dhb ASV Merino Thermal Cycle Socks

dhb ASV Merino Thermal Cycle Socks

RRP: £12

Review score: 9/10

More Merino! These mix 65 per cent wool with Elastane, Lycra and Nylon – promising an excellent “warmth to weight” ratio, as dhb puts it. The cuff measures 18cm and the heel is reinforced for extra durability, with a little support at the mid foot and a flat toe seem plus terry padded footbed.

Read our full review of the dhb Professional ASV Merino Thermal Cycle Socks here

Rapha deep winter socks

Rapha Deep Winter Socks

RRP: £25

Review score: 9/10

For days when the mercury has well and truly dropped, there’s these ‘Deep Winter’ socks. The long cuff comes up just below the knee, and a thick wind resistant front panel keeps out the chills. The fabric is a Merino wool, Nylon and Elastane mix and there’s extra wind resistance built into the toes.

The seams are handlocked and footbed is padded, for extra comfort.

Read our review of the Rapha Deep Winter socks here 

See them here at Rapha for £25

Prendas Winter Thermolite socks

Prendas Winter Thermolite socks

Prendas Winter Thermolite socks

RRP: £7.95

Review score: 9/10

Constructed from Thermolite Base fibres, which are hollow and provide warmth without adding weight, these socks carry a reinforced toe and heel as well as coming in an anatomical cut – with a left and right foot design.

The Italian fabric is hard wearing and suited for temperatures between -6 and 6°C.

See our review of the Prendas Winter Thermolite socks here

Buy at Prendas Ciclismo for £7.95

Sealskinz HydroStop Mid Weight Mid Length Socks

Sealskinz HydroStop Mid Weight Mid Length Socks

Sealskinz HydroStop Mid Weight Mid Length Socks

RRP: £37


Leading the waterproof cycling sock market, is Sealskinz. The Hydrostop socks come with a silicone-free, elastic tape at the cuff which seals the entrance and stops drips from getting in.

The fabric itself is totally waterproof, whilst still being breathable and windproof – and there’s a Merino wool lining which wicks away sweat and dries quickly.


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