50mm tires, jerseys with built-in hydration pouches and other gravel tech trends at Unbound

Here's a first look at the newest tech trends that we'll be seeing at gravel racing's biggest showdown

Gravel tech trends expected at Unbound
(Image credit: Castelli, Keegan Swenson, Future)

Every year Unbound Gravel gets bigger and the fields get strong. Parallel to that growth is the technological pursuits of the racers and companies that are trying to crack the code of one of the trickiest technological tests in cycling. 

With its potential for disaster around every corner and over every unpredictable rock, Unbound is a test that is equal parts speed and durability. With that balance, every rider looks for an edge to suit their riding style, the course demands, and what they hope to achieve on race day

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Logan Jones-Wilkins

Logan Jones-Wilkins is a writer and reporter based out of the southwest of the United States. As a writer, he has covered cycling extensively for the past year and has extensive experience as a racer in gravel and road. He has a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Richmond and enjoys all kinds of sports, ranging from the extreme to the endemic. Nevertheless, cycling was his first love and remains the main topic bouncing around his mind at any moment.