'Cyclists are seen as the cockroaches of the road' – UK's most notorious helmet cam cyclist on death threats and dangerous driving

Mike van Erp has reported around 1,700 lawbreaking road users to the police - he tells Cycling Weekly why he does it

(Image credit: Mike van Erp)

If you have spent any time on cycling Twitter, you've probably come across CyclingMikey. Invariably, it will be some form of abuse targeted at the cyclist-YouTuber, real name Mike van Erp, who regularly riles the car-driving community. This week, it was a video of an unknown cyclist fighting a taxi driver in Yorkshire, with the caption "Taxi driver has snapped at Cycling Mikey!" (spoiler, CyclingMikey was nowhere near Yorkshire at the time). This is the kinder end of the stuff he receives. 

"I'm like marmite," Van Erp tells Cycling Weekly. "Some people love what I do, and some people hate it. The people that hate it tend to be younger males with driving licences. There's some really, really grim stuff. Endless abuse."

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Adam Becket
News editor

Adam is Cycling Weekly’s news editor – his greatest love is road racing but as long as he is cycling on tarmac, he's happy. Before joining Cycling Weekly he spent two years writing for Procycling, where he interviewed riders and wrote about racing. He's usually out and about on the roads of Bristol and its surrounds. Before cycling took over his professional life, he covered ecclesiastical matters at the world’s largest Anglican newspaper and politics at Business Insider. Don't ask how that is related to cycling.