The National Championships are just around the corner and the start lists are in? Who?s riding? And who?s your favourite?

Look out for in-depth preview of the National Championships next week. In the meantime, peruse the names of the riders dreaming of wearing the famous white jersey with blue and red bands.

Take a look at the recent champions in the men’s, women’s and under-23 events


Sunday, June 29
203km, Duncombe Park, Helmsley, North Yorkshire
Elite and under-23 title races
Starts: 10am
Finishes: 3.15pm approx
Race description Five laps of an 18.2-kilometre circuit based on Slingsby and Terrington followed by four laps of a 21.1-kilometre circuit based on Stonegrave and Hovingham before the finish in Duncombe Park.

David Millar of Slipstream returns to defend the title he won in south Wales last August, when the championships were hastily re-arranged after the original races were cancelled because of flooding in the Beverley area.

Millar will wear number one but there is a strong contingent of riders returning from abroad to contest the race. Last year?s runner-up Daniel Lloyd and his An Post team-mate Daniel Fleeman will be there, as will twice former champion Jeremy Hunt (Crédit Agricole), who won in 1997 and 2001.

Mark Cavendish and Roger Hammond, himself twice a former winner (2003 and 2004) ride for the High Road team, in what is set to be their last outing in the white High Road jersey before the team becomes Team Columbia at the Tour de France.

Another former champion is 2006 winner Hamish Haynes, who will wear number 92.

Riders numbered from 96 onwards are also eligible for the under-23 championship. The first under-23 rider across the line will take the crown. Team 100% ME return from their academy base in Italy with a strong line-up led by Ben Swift and Jonny Bellis.

Ian Stannard of Landbouwkrediet is one of the under-23 riders who will fancy his chances.

The domestic challenge is particularly strong. Rapha-Condor-Recycling field a total of 12 riders, Pinarello have seven, including Russell Downing who won the last time the championships were held at Duncombe Park in 2005.

Some of the foreign contingent will not be returning to compete. Charly Wegelius is taking a break after completing the Giro d?Italia and Dauphiné Libéré. Geraint Thomas and Steve Cummings who have a bronze and silver medal between them in the past, will be on a track training camp, as will Bradley Wiggins.

Letters and numbers (E, 1, 2) refer to rider?s category (elite, first or second). U23 means eligible for under-23 title. Main contenders in bold

1. David Millar (Slipstream) E
2. Christopher Mark (Adept Engineering RT) 2
3. David Cook (Altura-Panaracer-Camelback) 2
4. Daniel Fleeman (An Post-Sean Kelly) E
5. Daniel Lloyd (An Post-Sean Kelly) E

6. James Dobbin (Arctic Premier RT-Arctic Building Services-Premier) 1
7. Jon-Kris Mason (Arctic Premier RT-Arctic Building Services-Premier) 2
8. Stephen Nunn (Arctic Premier RT-Arctic Building Services-Premier) 2
9. Simon Wilson (Arctic Premier RT-Arctic Building Services-Premier) 1
10. Marcus Smith (Cleveland Wheelers) 1
11. David Shackleton (Cottingham Coureurs) 2
12. Jeremy Hunt (Crédit Agricole) E
13. Paul Bell (Doncaster Wheelers) 1
14. Jonathan Rosenbrier (Espoir Cycliste St Etienne Loire) E
15. Neil Jones (Gateway RT) 1
16. Alex Coutts (Giant Asia RT) E
17. Wayne Webster (Go Sportsspex RT) 1
18. Andy Lyons (Heron Cycle Sport) E
19. Mark McKay (Heron Cycle Sport) 2
20. Ben Pochee (Heron Cycle Sport) 1
21. Paul Oldham (Hope Factory Racing) 1
22. Rick King (Inkland MTS) 1
23. Alistair Robinson ( 2
24. Matt Clinton (KFS Special Vehicles-Sunday Bicycles) 1
25. Gareth Hewitt (KFS Special Vehicles-Sunday Bicycles) 1
26. James Stewart (KFS Special Vehicles-Sunday Bicycles) 1
27. Richard Sykes-Popham (KFS Special Vehicles-Sunday Bicycles) 1
28. Kit Gilham (Kinesis UK) 1
29. Adam Illingworth (Lyon Vaulx-en-Velin) E
30. Jonathan Tiernan-Locke (Mid Devon CC) 1
31. Martin Bryant (PCA Ciclos Uno) 2
32. James Whatling (PC Ciclos Uno) 1
33. Kieran Page (Pezula Racing) E
34. Lee Davis (Pinarello RT) E
35. Russell Downing (Pinarello RT) E
36. Malcolm Elliott (Pinarello RT) E

37. Matthew Kipling (Pinarello RT) E
38. Tom Murray (Pinarello RT) E
39. Mark Lovatt (Planet X) 1
40. Tom Barras (Plowman Craven) E
41. Neil Coleman (Plowman Craven) E
42. Simon Gaywood (Plowman Craven) E
43. Alex Higham (Plowman Craven) E
44. James McCallum (Plowman Craven) E
45. James Millard (Plowman Craven) E
46. Evan Oliphant (Plowman Craven) 1
47. Simon Richardson (Plowman Craven) E
48. Martin Ford (private member) 1
49. Ryan Bonser (Rapha-Condor-Recycling) E
50. Graham Briggs (Rapha-Condor-Recycling) E
51. Dean Downing (Rapha-Condor-Recycling) E
52. Ben Greenwood (Rapha-Condor-Recycling) E
53. Kristian House (Rapha-Condor-Recycling) E
54. Chris Newton (Rapha-Condor-Recycling) E Withdrawn
55. Rob Partridge (Rapha-Condor-Recycling) E
56. Dave Collins (Science in Sport-Trek) E
57. Richard Kent (Science in Sport-Trek 1
58. Ian Wilkinson (Science in Sport-Trek) E
59. Richard Wilkinson (Science in Sport-Trek) E
60. Andrew Bye (Sigmasport-Specialized) E
61. Daniel Duguid (Sigmasport-Specialized) 1
62. Mike Harrison (Sigmasport-Specialized) 1
63. Robin Sharman (Sigmasport-Specialized) E
64. Matthew Stephens (Sigmasport-Specialized) E

65. Neil Swithenbank (Sigmasport-Specialized) E
66. James Williamson (Sigmasport-Specialized) 1
67. Grant Bayton (Sports Beans-Wilier) E
68. Marcin Bialoblocki (Sports Beans-Wilier) E
69. Dave Coulson (Sports Beans-Wilier) E
70. Ashley Brown (Sportscover-Spuik-J&J James) 1
71. Kevin Dawson (Sportscover-Spuik-J&J James) 1
72. Dieter Droger (Sportscover-Spuik-J&J James) 1
73. Gav Evans (Sportscover-Spuik-J&J James) 1
74. Nigel Haigh (Sportscover-Spuik-J&J James) 2
75. Bradley Johnston (Sportscover-Spuik-J&J James) 2
76. David McLean (Sprinter Club de Nice) 1
77. Stephen Ward (Star Bikes RT) 1
78. Steven Lampier (Team Bouwkantoor Lippens) 1
79. Richard Cartland (Team Corley Cycles) E
80. Roy Chamberlain (Team Corley Cycles) E
81. Matthew Higgins (Team Corley Cycles) E
82. Tom Kirk (Team Corley Cycles) 1
83. Mark Wordsworth (Team Corley Cycles) E
84. Rob Hayles (Halfords Bikehut) E
85. Tom Southam (Halfords Bikehut) E
86. Mark Cavendish (Team High Road) E
87. Roger Hammond (Team High Road) E

88. Graeme Hatcher (Team Isle of Man) 2
89. David Clarke (Team Lacuna) E
90. Daniel Smith (Team Lacuna) 1
91. Richard Williamson (Team Lacuna) 2
92. Hamish Haynes (Team Yawadoo-ABM) E
93. David Smith (VC Lyon Vaulx-en-Velin) E
94. Alastair Kay (York Cycleworks) E
95. James Sharp (York Cycleworks) 2
96. Jonny Bellis (Team 100% ME) E U23
97. Steven Burke (Team 100% ME) E U23
98. Alex Dowsett (Team 100% ME) E U23
99. Russell Hampton (Team 100% ME) E U23
100. Peter Kennaugh (Team 100% ME) E U23
101. Jonathan McEvoy (Team 100% ME) E U23
102. Ben Swift (Team 100% ME) E U23
103. Andrew Tennant (Team 100% ME) E U23
105. Edward Griffin (Ajchva Limoux) 1 U23
106. Oliver Graham (Arctic Premier-Arctic Building Services) 2 U23
107. Owain Lovell (Ashfield RC) 1 U23
108. Callum Wilkinson ( 2 U23
109. James Spragg (Castelsarrasin) 1 U23
110. Matt Green (Cyclingnews-Jako-Fuga) E U23
111. Stephen Rudkin (FP Mailing) 2 U23
112. William Hedden (Glade CC-Ciclos Uno) 2 U23
113. Adam Norris (Heron Cycle Sport) E U23
114. Lewis Meadows (Inkland MTS) 1 U23
115. Scott Chalmers (Johns Bikes RT) 1 U23
116. Daffyd Dylan (KFS Special Vehicles) 1 U23
117. Kieran Friend (KFS Special Vehicles) 2 U23
118. Matt Cronshaw (Kinesis) E U23
119. Tom Last (Kinesis) 1 U23
120. Jack Pullar (Kinesis) 1 U23
121. James Sampson (Kinesis) 1 U23
122. Daniel Davies (KW Heist Zuider Kempen) 1 U23
123. Ian Stannard (Landbouwkrediet) 1 U23
124. Joshua Andjelkovic (Maxgear RT) 2 U23
125. Simon Baxter (MTS Cyclesport-Inkland RT) 2 U23
126. Tomas Swift-Metcalfe (Palmeiras Resort) E U23
127. Ian Franklin (PCA-Ciclos Uno) 2 U23
128. Daniel Patten (PCA-Ciclos Uno) 1 U23
129. Daniel Kogan (PCA-Ciclos Uno) 2 U23
130. Stephen Adams (Pearl Izumi-Planet X-High 5 RT) 1 U23
131. Liam Holohan (Pearl Izumi-Planet X-High 5 RT) 1 U23
132. Matthew Jones (Pearl Izumi-Planet X-High 5 RT) 1 U23
133. Jon Mozley (Pearl Izumi-Planet X-High 5 RT) E U23
134. Sam Webster (Pinarello RT) E U23
135. Peter Williams (Pinarello RT) E U23
136. Phillip Graves (private member) 2 U23
137. Daniel Shand (Profel Prorace) E 23
138. Dale Appleby (Rapha-Condor-Recycling) E U23
139. Adam Bonser (Rapha-Condor-Recycling) E U23
140. Tom Diggle (Rapha-Condor-Recycling) E U23
141. Simon Holt (Rapha-Condor-Recycling) E U23
142. Rhyys Lloyd (Rapha-Condor-Recycling) E U23
143. Matt Rowe (Rapha-Condor-Recycling) E U23
144. Ian Bibby (Science in Sport-Trek) E U23
145. David Fletcher (Science in Sport-Trek) 1 U23
146. Alex Wise (Sigmasport-Specialized) 1 U23
147. Marcin Perry (Sports Beans-Wilier) E U23
148. Mark Thwaites (Sports Beans-Wilier) 2 U23
149. Billy-Joe Whenman (Sports Beans-Wilier) 2 U23
150. Adam Blythe (Sprinters Malderen) E U23
151. Tobyn Horton (Team Bouwkantoor Lippens) 1 U23
152. Alastair Carr (Team Remy Meder) 1 U23
153. Tom Walters (Team Remy Meder) 1 U23
154. Tom Copeland (VS Quimper) 1 U23
155. Richard Hepworth (Wakefield CC) 1 U23
156. Andrew Griffiths (Wielergroep Beveren) E U23
157. Alex Atkins (Yawadoo Mobile) 1 U23


Saturday, June 28
106km, Duncombe Park, Helmsley, North Yorkshire
Elite and under-23 title races
Starts: 2.45pm
Finishes: 5.50pm approx
Race description Two laps of an 18.2-kilometre circuit based on Slingsby and Terrington followed by two laps of a 21.1-kilometre circuit based on Stonegrave and Hovingham before the finish in Duncombe Park.

Nicole Cooke goes for her ninth national road race title ? and eighth in a row ? riding for Halfords Bikehut. And she?ll have a strong team behind her, with the girls in orange and black making up a sixth of the field.

It will be fascinating to watch Cooke race against the likes of Emma Pooley (Specialized) and Rachel Heal, five times a silver medalist. Sharon Laws will miss the road race after she cracked a bone in her leg in a training crash ten days before the event. Laws set for operation.

Letters and numbers (E, 1, 2 etc) refer to rider?s category (elite, first or second). U23 means eligible for under-23 title. Main contenders in bold

1. Nicole Cooke (Halfords Bikehut) E
2. Julie Mann (Altura) 1
2. Charlotte McDonald (CC Basingstoke) 2
4. Kara Chesworth (Dysynni CC) 2
5. Claire Thomas (Edinburgh RC) 2
6. Michelle Buck (Fatbirds CC) 2
7. Tracey Fletcher (Fatbirds CC) 2
8. Pippa Handley (WV De Turbanters) 1
9. Charlotte Blackman (London Dynamo-Cyclefit) 1
10. Rebecca Curley (London Dynamo-Cyclefit) 3
11. Susannah Osborne (London Dynamo-Cyclefit) 2
12. Emma Silversides (Lotto Belisol) 1
13. Leanne Thompson (Lune RCC) 2
14. Rachel Osborn (Newport Shropshire CC) 2
15. Anne Greig (Perth United CC) 3
17. Leda Cox (private member) E
18. Vanessa Raw (private member) 3
19. Becki Rimmington (private member) 2
20. Louise Eden (Seamons C) 2
21. Emma Davies-Jones (Swift Racing) E
22. Gabriella Day (Swift Racing) E
23. Helen Wyman (Swift Racing) E
24. Catherine Hare (Halfords Bikehut) 1
25. Sharon Laws (Halfords Bikehut) E Misses race through injury
26. Jeanette Caldicote (Team Luciano) 1
27. Emma Pooley (Team Specialized) E
28. Sarah Cramoysan (Team Swift) 2
29. Rachel Heal (Tibco) E
30. Bernadette Hards (VC Meudon) 4
31. Jo Munden (VC Meuden) 2
32. Kate Cullen (WV Barrhopoort) 1
33. Femke Van Schelven (WV Barrhopoort) 2
34. Nikki Harris (De Sprinters Malderen) 1 U23
35. Lizzy Goodband (Fatbirds CC) 3 U23
36. Sarah Byrne (GS Strada) 2 U23
37. Kelly Moore (GS Strada) 2 U23
38. Iona Sewell (Leeds Mercury) 4 U23
39. Abbie Thorrington (private member) 2 U23
40. Alice Monger-Godfrey (Swift Racing) 1 U23
41. Eileen Roe (Swift Racing) 2 U23
42. Marie Stuart (Team Chance-Ducati) 2 U23
43. Jessica Allen (Halfords Bikehut) 1 U23
44. Lizzie Armitstead (Halfords Bikehut) E U23
45. Katie Curtis (Halfords Bikehut) 1 U23
46. Joanna Rowsell (Halfords Bikehut) 1 U23
47. Emma Trott (Halfords Bikehut) 1 U23
48. Jackie Garner (Team Luciano) 3 U23