Cyclist punches truck driver to the ground with one hit in road rage defence

The altercation took place in the Eunos area of Singapore

The typical road rage incident between drivers and cyclists usually consists of a few choice words shouted between each other, and sometimes the driver using their vehicle as a weapon towards the cyclist.

So it's rare for the cyclist to give out any physical retribution (not that anyone at Cycling Weekly condones that course of action).

However a video that has emerged may well show a rare occasion where the cyclist fights back... literally.

The footage posted on YouTube by SG Road Vigilante, shows a cyclist in Singapore knocking down a truck driver with one punch after a road rage incident on Sunday morning.

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The filming starts with the cyclist carrying his bike after reports suggest he was hit by the truck.

After a brief exchange of fist-waving back and forth, the truck driver veers in towards the cyclist, in which the cyclist retaliates by punching the truck.

Just as the cyclist is walking away from the truck, the driver decides to get out and confront the cyclist face to face.

As the cyclist places his bike down on the grass verge, a brief pause in the confrontation gives the cyclist the chance to land a vicious left hook on the driver who falls to the ground.

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A brief exchange of words are given before the cyclist rides off leaving the driver on the floor.

The Singapore based, English newspaper The Straits Times reported  that police later arrested the 32-year-old driver and charged him with a "rash act" that endangered others.

This could result in the driver facing six months in jail and a fine up to 2,500 Singapore Dollars (roughly £1400).

The 55-year-old cyclist has also come forward to co-operate with the investigation but could also face punishment of "voluntarily causing harm".

This can also result in jail time of two years and a 5,000 Singapore Dollar fine (£2,800), meaning his physical retribution could come at a hefty cost.

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