Downhill mountain biking in a shopping mall (video)

Watch Tomas Slavik's winning ride in a Prague shopping centre, part of the Downmall race series

Mountain biker Tomas Slavik swapped dirt jumps and the fresh air for marble floors and escalators to win the 2015 Downmall race series that, as the name suggests, takes place in shopping malls.

Slavik filmed the final round in Prague, Czech Republic, on a headcam, and you can watch him sweeping through sliding doors, around tight bends, over jumps and down escalators as bemused shoppers look on.

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The Czech rider won all three rounds of the 2015 Downmall series to take the overall win, with previous rounds in Szczecin, Poland, and Berlin, Germany. When not in shopping centres, Slavik competes on the four-cross and downhill mountain bike circuit.

The Downmall races have been run for the past few years, but we've yet to see a round visit Britain. We'd like to see one in the Cathedral of Shopping that is Bluewater, or perhaps a stone's throw from the Cycling Weekly office: Croydon's Whitgift Centre.

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