Half of employees in cities considering cycling to work following coronavirus

The latest stats suggest a huge uptake in people commuting by bike

(Richard Baker / In Pictures via Getty Images)
(Image credit: In Pictures via Getty Images)

More than half of employees living in cities are considering cycling to work following the coronavirus pandemic, with two-thirds saying this is in order to avoid "unsafe" public transport, according to a recent survey.

A fifth of respondents also said their main reason for taking up biking to work was in order to save money, with commuters expected to save £1,700 over three years, although only seven per cent of employers are considering the Cycle To Work Scheme to help their staff get back to work, according to a survey by OnBuy.com.

Outside of cities, British Cycling research also found one in five UK commuters are more likely to cycle to work, as a third say they are less likely to use public transport options.

43 per cent of respondents said lockdown has made them appreciate the benefits of having a bike, while a third said it has been essential for getting around during the pandemic, and two in five UK adults said quieter cycle routes would encourage them to cycle more, as well as less traffic being on the roads and more cycle lanes.

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Meanwhile, over a third of workers said if their employer provided better bike storage and shower facilities it would encourage them to commute by bike.

Bike sales have skyrocketed during the coronavirus pandemic, as cycling for exercise became one of the few permitted freedoms of lockdown, as well as a viable transport option for our socially distanced future.

"Everything that is good about cycling has never been so prevalent and it fits perfectly with the needs of a lot of people, from socially distanced economical transportation to mental and physical well-being," Ribble CEO Andy Smallwood told Cycling Weekly, with the British retailer experiencing 300 percent year-on-year sales growth.

The UK Government has promised half a million £50 bike vouchers by the end of June to help people get their bikes repaired.

Efforts to improve cycling infrastructure will also be put in place, as the Government predicts public transport will be limited to a fifth of its usual capacity whilst adhering to social distancing measures.

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