Kids have their say on how safe they feel cycling to school

BBC Newsround asks children from around the country how they feel about cycling to school and what they would do to improve road safety

According to transport charity Sustrans, only one in 100 children cycles to school these days, with safety concerns cited as the reason why kids are taking the bus, train or car to lessons.

Many full-grown adults don't feel safe enough to ride along busy roads, let alone primary school children, and BBC Newsround asked a few youngsters what they thought of the dangers they face on the roads.

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The results showed that even 10-year-olds can see the benefits of segregated cycle paths, lower speed limits and cycling-only roads...if only the adults in power saw it the same way.

"I cycle to school everyday and I don't like it when the cars come too close to me, I want them to go further out when they overtake me." Arther, 8, Wales

"I ride to school most days on roads with my mum and brother and it is fairly safe, I think most speed limits in towns should be 20 mph." Michael, 10, Liverpool

"I think there should be roads for cycling only and maybe kids should still have to pass a cycling safety test." Aisha, 11, Birmingham

"I think there should be bigger roads and cycle paths pretty much everywhere." Sophia, Leeds

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"We can't cycle to school unless we pass Cycling Proficiency level 2." Tom, 10, Southampton

"If the councils made paths just for cyclists and if the cycle paths were not on the road but on half of the pavement, I would love to cycle to school but I don't feel safe enough to as cars just pull out and don't stop." Jack, 10, Nottingham

"I think there should be wider roads so that there is more space for kids to cycle to school." Louise, 10, London

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Stuart Clarke

Stuart Clarke is a News Associates trained journalist who has worked for the likes of the British Olympic Associate, British Rowing and the England and Wales Cricket Board, and of course Cycling Weekly. His work at Cycling Weekly has focused upon professional racing, following the World Tour races and its characters.