Scottish Cycling releases new lockdown riding guidelines, with tighter rules than in England

British Cycling released it’s update last week, but in Scotland riders must adhere to different rules

Woman cycling in Scotland (Arterra/Getty)
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With the spread of coronavirus slowing in the UK, the government has been regularly introducing new rules and guidance on how to stay safe.

Last week, British Cycling moved into its next phase of easing rules on lockdown cycling with an update on group rides, coaching and when racing might return.

The organisation said that club activities and coaching sessions can resume with immediate effect, as long as they are within the government rules on group sizes and social distancing.

But Scottish Cycling, the governing body responsible for the sport in Scotland, has now issued its own guidance with stricter measures than those south of the border.

The Scottish government has consistently enforced stricter lockdown measures than those in England, with restrictions also being eased slower.

Under the new phase two guidance in Scotland, cyclists can rider outdoors as many times as they like for as long as they like, but should only stick to routes they know well and are within their ability.

You are also permitted to travel short distances (broadly within five miles) to start your ride, but Scottish Cycling still advise that you should start from home.

Cyclists can ride outdoors alone, with those they live with, or with two other households as long as they adhere to the two metre social distancing rule.

Rides involving people from more than three households are not permitted.

If you are meeting people from another household, you should only meet in small groups of no more than eight people in total and should not meet people from more than two other households each day.

Maintain at least two metres from anyone you meet whilst out riding, stopping and waiting for people to pass when necessary, Scottish Cycling said.

If you are showing coronavirus symptoms, you should stay at home.

All club sanctioned activities, including club runs, are still banned in Scotland.

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Coaching is permitted if sessions held outdoors, social distancing is maintained, and no more than two households of up to eight people.

Races, competitions and events are still suspended until August 1.

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