Six reasons why a return to work could be good for your rides

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Cycling is a sport of the smallest margins. An inch this way and that, the smallest of seconds, the slightest change in conditions, pretty much everything plays a part in whether you are successful and enjoy your ride. As a result, cyclists in every discipline constantly seek any advantage they can get from just about anywhere. Well, here we explain six reasons why going back to work could be good for your rides.

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It could improve your problem solving

We encounter problems in every single part of our lives and being able to think clearly, rationally, and focusing on the task at hand are all vital skills to being able to work through them. Returning to work can enhance these skills and therefore improve your rides by allowing you to solve problems that arise on the road. A flat tyre, poor road conditions, dangerous drivers; these are just some of the issues cyclists face and have to solve. Problem solving skills learned and developed at work can put you in the best place to do so.

It could help with your time management

Managing your time at work is incredibly important. Deciding what needs more attention over something else can greatly enhance efficiency and productivity. The same can be said in cycling because you can work out what part of your cycling needs more attention whether it be in terms of technique, stamina, nutrition or whatever the case may be. Why waste your time working on something that might not even improve your rides? Well many people do because they haven’t learned to properly manage their time.

It could keep you mentally and physically active

It is all too easy these days to lose focus thanks to things like tiredness, bad luck and so on. Your mind loses its edge on the road because it can be required to focus for several hours at a time. Well, getting back into the workplace can help here because it helps keep you mentally and physically active throughout the day. Anything that increases physical and mental endurance can only be a good thing for your cycling and your rides.

It could help you form new friendships

You can never have too many friends, nor too many people to go cycling with. A new job could well provide you with opportunities to find more of both, especially when it’s a job at McDonald’s that involves daily teamwork with your teammates. Working in this kind of busy and exciting environment means your communication and social skills dramatically improve.

It could enhance your communication

Linking with the above point, working enhances your ability to communicate regardless of what you are doing. Being able to talk to people and engage with them is an important skill at work and plays a big role in cycling too, whether it be in talking to your teammates, or riders you have never met before. Learning how to communicate and building up your confidence in the workplace can help you ingratiate yourself in the cycling community and can make your rides infinitely more enjoyable.

It could help you earn more

We could all use more money for cycling equipment and the latest gizmos these days. Need a new set of lights for these short winter days? Well going back to work means you can get it just that little bit quicker.

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