Strava sees nearly 80,000 commutes logged on Global Bike to Work Day

Nearly 80,000 from 180 countries people logged a commute to work on Global Bike to Work Day, averaging over 16km each

Over 1,300,000km were covered by commuters who logged their rides as part of Strava‘s inaugural Global Bike to Work Day.

The average distance in the 79,879 rides, from 180 countries, logged on the social network was nearly 17km, with an estimated 514 tons of carbon emissions offset in just one day.

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The United Kingdom topped the list of countries who participated in the event, with 37.5 per cent of the commutes, which is particularly impressive given the inclement weather across much of the British Isles on Tuesday.

Strava stats show that over 71,000 hours were spent commuting by bike on the day, averaging 53 minutes per rider.

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The initiative was set up to raise awareness of cycle commuting, with the data from the day helping Strava and city planners to improve city infrastructure for cyclists and pedestrians worldwide.

Data from all the commutes ever logged on Strava is being anonymised and analysed by over 70 organisations and government agencies around the globe.

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Gareth Nettleton, VP of Marketing for Strava, said: “The Strava community came out in force on Tuesday to make a difference on Global Bike to Work Day. It’s incredible that Strava cyclists who joined the challenge recorded nearly 80,000 commutes in a single day across the globe; these kind of activities are making a difference when used by town and city planners.”