Tweets of the week: Self-isolation week one with Thomas De Gendt, Chloé Dygert and more

Not even coronavirus can stop your tweets, good or bad

Coronavirus has obviously been bad news for cycling as a whole, but there is one small section that will profit from it. Tweets of the week.

With riders and fans around the world stuck indoors, there is basically nothing else to do than to spend hours upon hours crafting the most perfect of tweets. Expect a boom period for this very series in the near future. The Dow may be plummetting but Tweets Of The Week™ stocks are up. Buy buy buy.

1. Only because you set such an infernal pace on the front and everyone has to chase behind you, Thomas

2. Quick, get a tenner on this guy to come fourth in the Tour this summer

3. Not even a Royale with cheese could fill the empty void that is the 2020 cycling calendar

4. Translation: “It is 3.40 pm, I am having lunch and I have already: done 3 hours on the bike, cut my hair, cleaned the kitchen, kneaded and baked the bread. And now?”

Jacopo Guarnieri is the newest candidate for most wholesome member of the peloton.

5. Estimates suggest day four of quarantine is when you and the peloton instructor become best friends

6. Who’d have thought the first member of the cycling community people would turn on in these trying times would be Nathan Haas

7. We all deal with the coronavirus in different ways, let it all out, Chloé

8. Shame the Euros have been cancelled as well

9. Let’s just hope the time off doesn’t facilitate them recording a new rap video

10. I demand a recount on Quintana’s 13, please

We’ll be back in seven days’ time for more of the best from social media across the cycling world.