Twitter reacts to Team Sky medical package revelations

Social media reaction to the big Fluimucil news of the day

So there we have it. The mystery package delivered to Team Sky and Bradley Wiggins at the 2011 Critérium du Dauphiné contained, according to what a team doctor told Dave Brailsford, Fluimucil.

That the package that has been the centre of much speculation over the last few months contained a legal drug to treat a chest infection wasn’t the most dramatic revelation. But at least we now know.

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Those of you who watched the whole four hour hearing will know that it wasn’t always the most riveting affair, but thankfully the good people of Twitter were there to lighten the mood, provide rushed analysis, and turn into instant pharmaceutical experts.

As a hors d’oeuvre to the Brailsford main course, we had British Cycling president Bob Howden on the ropes about why he hadn’t made any investigations into the contents of the package.

Former Team Sky head coach and British Cycling technical director Shane Sutton was next to give evidence, first revealing that he had arranged the delivery of the package to Wiggins, and then reacting with disdain when one MP suggested that he should apologise for referring to female riders “bitches”.

But the reason we were all here was to find out what was in that package. And in a very matter of fact way Brailsford told us that it was Fluimucil.

Flu-ma-what? Cycling Weekly‘s very own editor was one of many needing to quickly Google a drug that none of us had ever heard of.

Yes, something like that.

Two minutes later, and we were all up to speed with the fact that Fluimucil helps to clear mucus and is used to treat chest infections.

The thing is that according to one internet source, Fluimucil should be used with precaution by asthma suffers, which raised a few questions given that Wiggins is asthmatic.

The next question was why Team Sky had chosen to fly the drug 2,000km from Manchester when it is freely available over the counter in France.

However Dr Hutch for one wasn’t surprised at the decision.

But with such a seemingly innocuous conclusion, we were all left scratching our head as to why Brailsford and Team Sky didn’t tell us that it was Fluimucil in the first place.

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