UCI to introduce 'waste zones' for riders to deposit their litter

Any race with a feed zone must now also provide a 'waste zone' for riders to get rid of their litter.

Feed zone, Metaltek Grand Prix 2013

If you watch a professional race on television the chances are you will have seen riders littering the road with their food wrappers, empty gel sachets and water bottles.

But now the UCI have amended rules to state that any race with a feed zone must also provide a ‘waste zone’ for riders to empty their pockets.

As reported by The Inner Ring, waste zones must be positioned immediately before and after a feed station and just before the final 20km.

The amended rule 2.3.026 now states: “In other events or stages the organisers may also provide food and drink in areas set aside for that purpose. The feeding zones will be signposted. They shall be of sufficient length, to allow supply operations to proceed smoothly. Each feeding zone should be accompanied by a zone for waste situated just before and just after the feeding zone where riders can get rid of their waste.

“Organisers should also have a waste zone of sufficient length situated before the final 20 kilometres of each race or stage where riders have the opportunity to get rid of their waste.”

A new rule states that if a waste zone is provided, a rider must “exclusively deposit their waste on the sides of the road in this area”, with a 50 Swiss Franc fine for riders breaking the rule.

Such a paltry fine is unlikely to see a change in habits of some riders in the peloton, but this is certainly a start for making professional cycling more environmentally friendly.

Source: Inrng

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