Belgian bad boy rider Frank Vandenbroucke is in trouble again after being questioned and placed under investigation in Dinant, Belgium on Wednesday night.

It is understood that the Acqua & Sapone rider was interviewed regarding an allegation that he bought doping products from Ferdy Robyns of the sports supplement business, Performance.

The allegations stem from an enquiry in 2005 into the possession of doping products by bodybuilders who frequented a branch of Fitnessworld in Dinant that involves Robyns.

Performance were the suppliers of vitamins and supplements to Cofidis when Vandebroucke raced for the French team.

Vandenbroucke?s latest arrest comes in a week when Belgian publishers Borgeroff and Lambrichts announced in a publicity document for Vandenbrouck?s upcoming biography entitled I am not God, that the Belgian had admitted using EPO, but later retracted what they had said. The book will be released on Feb 5.

After years of mental health problems and drug busts, this latest episode leaves what little career Vandenbroucke has left in tatters.