Outdoor Provisions launches all-natural nut butter energy sachets

With a plethora of bars, gels and powders already on the market, could savoury spreads be an area of untapped demand?

Outdoor Provisions has released an all-natural energy nut butter – in two nutty flavours – for a nutrient-dense and easy to digest snack in a sachet.

This nutty spread, which has a smooth butter-like consistency, is said to be a “slow-release affair” which is claimed to be ideal for longer, lower intensity efforts.

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The easy to open sachets are a versatile energy snack that can be consumed in various ways. “You can neck them neat, stir into campfire porridge, add to noodles, liven up old bread or smoosh onto fruit/veggies,” Outdoor Provisions says.

The energy sachets are available in two flavours: a coffee, almond and cashew option which is said to be rich and creamy with a subtle coffee aftertaste, as well as an almond, date and sea salt blend that “balances sweet and salty for that slight savoury hit you crave after a long day out”.

Outdoor Provisions nut butter energy sachets

Both weigh in at 32 grams, but the coffee version contains 188 kcals, while the date version is marginally less at 183 kcals.

The nut butter snacks are vegan, gluten free and contain no refined sugars. With the name nut butter, there are of course nuts, but not the peanut kind.

The Manchester based brand has packed these natural ingredients into 100% compostable sachets.

Outdoor Provisions said: “It meant buying our own packing equipment but here we are, a home compostable sachet in a market where most sachets are not even recyclable.

Outdoor Provisions nut butter energy sachets

“The wrapper is the same as the one we use for our bars — cellulose and a tiny layer of aluminium — with an added compostable plastic sealing layer. This particular 'plastic' behaves like regular organic waste and is certified free from microplastic pollutants.

“It's developed with a focus on end of life return to organic matter and the ability to compost both at home and industrially. Stick it in your compost heap, food waste or garden waste bin.”

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