A new look for Strava app with updates to the navigation bar

The new design should make the app more intuitive to use, as well as offering the promise of “room to grow when it comes to developing new features”

Strava has updated the user interface of its iOS and Android apps to make a more intuitive experience and provide “room to grow when it comes to developing new features.”

The update will be available for both paying subscribers and those using the app for free.

The features

Previously, the five tabs at the bottom of the app screen were: Feed, Explore, Record, Profile, and Training.

With this latest update, this will now be: Home, Maps, Record, Groups and You.

You’ll be able to see your friends’ activities in the “Home” tab, while your own activities, training stats, and profile information are all being moved to the “You” tab.

“Record” remains the same, while the “Maps” and “Groups” tabs are new introductions.

Strava claims that this reorganisation will “make it easier for athletes to find and use the features they want”, as well as creating “space for new experiences.”

Reading between the lines of these statements, this could point towards future updates to the mapping functionality for mobile devices and more tools for connecting with other people through the app.

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