Ass Savers launches new Speed Mullet

Ass Saver has been protecting bums from wheel spray for a while now, and is a very popular product. It's now time for your feet to get some protection with the new Speed Mullet

Ass Savers Speed Mullet

Ass Savers was created in 2011 when founder, Staffan Weigel, needed a bit of protection on his wet commute home. All he did was rip a bit of cardboard off and stuck it under his saddle. He discovered he was relatively dry when he got home, et voila, the Ass Saver was born and has now sold millions worldwide.

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To keep the story going and in the hunt to find new ways to make the wet riding experience better, Ass Savers has moved to the other soggy area, your feet - and no, it isn't called foot savers, or feet savers - in fact it's called the Speed Mullet.

The fundamental idea is to keep as much of you dry without the need for full mudguards, or deceptively fiddly clip on mudguards as one of the main areas of the body that take a soaking are your feet.

Ass Savers Speed Mullet

It claims to be almost fully universal and Ass Savers do this by keeping the attachment short and the actual guard fairly long, which will also help with coverage. The Speed Mullet also has two channels to allow cables to move without restrictions and Ass Savers say that this is pretty universal to most cables routing styles, too.

Ass Savers has a wide range of styles and colours to choose from and you can also get a custom design done. Along with the original Ass Saver and the new Speed Mullet, you'll have a choice of different accessories and Fendor Bendors and Mudders for the mountain bikers.

At the moment we only have a price in Euros from the Swedish brand, which is €11.95, and will only be available in black for now. We'll be getting a sample in soon and will have a full review but the Speed Mullet will be available to buy this month.