Chpt3 launches an Inessential Case with a tempting incentive for one customer

“Always ready, never essential, often useful” says Chpt3 of its new pouch

Chpt3 reckons that cycling kit labelled “essential” is getting as commonplace as aero features on a lightweight road bike. So to buck the trend, it’s just launched its Inessential Case.

Chpt3 says that the Inessential Case is just a straightforward pouch made of cordura fabric and with a waterproof zip and a red zip puller, that’s designed to stash easily in your back pockets and lets you carry your keys, phone or whatever else you want – just don’t call them your riding essentials. It’s a useful bit of kit to keep all the bits and bobs which you might need on a ride in one place and ready to roll.

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According to the brand: “We see the word ‘essential’ used quite a lot in the cycling world, almost as much as in the aisles of Waitrose. It got us thinking, ‘what’s actually essential on a bike ride?’. Some air in our tyres and water in our bottle certainly covers it on the most part for our riding, but what about the nice to have things? The little items which reduce the barriers to getting out on our bikes and shave some time off storming from the house to the garage searching for that ‘bloody inner tube’ again?”

The Chpt3 Inessential Case is finished with a waterproof zip and the brand's logo

The Chpt3 Essential Case is priced at £20 and available from Chpt3’s website (opens in new tab).

To promote the launch of the Inessential Case, Chpt3 is offering a sweetener for one of its first one hundred customers – the chance to be come a millionaire. In one of the Inessentials Cases, it will place 1,000,000 in shiny Vietnamese notes.

Don’t get too excited though, as that won’t get you that shiny new Pinarello Dogma F12, nor even a decent power meter.

At current exchange rates, 1,000,000 Dong is worth a smidgen over £34.

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