Best Garmin deals to help you make the most of your winter training

We've picked out the best on Garmin computer and accessories from all of the big cycling retailers to find the best deals

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It seems like bike computers are a compulsory gadget for any avid cyclist, not only so we can record and share our rides but view and analyse our ride data during and after our rides too – connecting to third party sensors like power meters, heart rate monitors and even our electric groupsets!

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Garmin in particular has been the market leader when it comes to providing cyclists with cycle computers. Anything from small, basic models that’ll provide general ride data like speed and distance, to much larger and more expensive training aids that’ll give you absolutely everything from maps, to ride data and even pedalling analysis to help improve your efficiency.

Garmin’s latest products, the Garmin Edge 530 or Edge 830 are not discounted for now, although they are for sale. You can find out more about those units here.

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The products featured have been chosen because we know they’re good quality and are an excellent offer at the price we’ve included (at the time of writing). Our Tech team have unrivalled expertise and years of experience testing new products, so you can trust our recommendations – and we also know what represents a good deal. Where we’ve reviewed the product we’ve included a link to it so you can read more.

With each product is a ‘Buy Now’ link. If you click on this then we may receive a small amount of money from the retailer when you purchase the item. This doesn’t affect the amount you pay.

Garmin Edge 130 was £149.99 now £135


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Just because the Garmin Edge 130 doesn’t feature the advanced metrics of its sibling doesn’t mean it’s basic, almost the total opposite. Garmin has nailed its software, increased the usability and made a product that’s well deserving of a solid 9/10 in our review.

The Garmin Edge 130 is a miniature model of the Garmin Edge 1030 and while it doesn’t have all the features that the top-of-the-range computer has, it’s more powerful than its small size might suggest – and it has impressed me more than any Garmin device has for a long time.

Buy now: Garmin Edge 130 at Evans Cycles for £135

Garmin Edge 1030 was £549.99 now £429.99

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The ultimate Garmin Edge unit to take your cycling to the next level. The 1030 offers everything you need to read and analyse your ride data during and after your efforts.

All that power comes at a cost of size and weight, weighing more than an iPhone five, however, it does have the largest screen on offer by Garmin making map reading and navigation a doddle with such a bright and sizeable screen. Battery life is amazing as well considering what it needs to achieve, allowing for a few decent rides before it needs a recharge.

This is the performance bundle that includes all the sensors; speed, cadence and heart rate.

Buy now: Garmin Edge 1030 at Wiggle for £429.99

Garmin Edge 820 performance bundle was £389.99 now £310


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The Garmin Edge 820 has now been replaced by the brand new 830 which means you should be able to pick up a bargain on the touch screen pocket computer online.

The Edge 820 gives you plenty of data to use in a much more compact design compared to the likes of the 1030. So if racing or performance is key for you, a smaller computer that still offers the connection to third party sensor like power meters, mapping and other training tools like power phase and platform centre offset analysis, then the 820 is a good option. Just be careful of the touch screen in the rain as it is a bit sensitive.

Buy now: Garmin Edge 820 performance bundle at Tweeks Cycles for £310

Garmin Edge 820 (head unit only) was £329.99 now £175

If you don’t want or need the sensor kit that comes with the Performance bundle then Amazon has the Edge 820 head unit on sale with a massive 47% off.

Buy now: Garmin Edge 820 at Amazon for £175

Garmin Vector 2 pedals were £849.99 now £649.99


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These power meter pedals are outdated now with the new Garmin Vector 3 pedals but arguably they haven’t totally been superseded in terms of performance, especially if you consider the whopping £550 off the RRP price.

Downside to these are outdated tech in terms of no bluetooth connectivity, plus the need to torque each pedal properly, however you do get dual sided power and you can quiet easily swap between bikes.

Buy now: Garmin Vector 2 pedals at ProBikeKit for £649.99

Garmin Vector 3 pedals were £849.99 now £730

Garmin Vector 3

But if you must have the very latest Garmin power pedals then Evans Cycles also have the full, double sided pedal set on sale with over £100 off.

Buy now: Garmin Vector 3 pedals at Evans Cycles for £730

Garmin K-Edge out front mount was £29.99 now £23.99

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K-Edge produced nicely machined aluminium mounts to strongly hold your Garmin out front from your handlebars. This is a great accompaniment to really clean up your cockpit. A must have to keep your eyes on the road.

Buy now: Garmin K-edge mount at Evans Cycles for £23.99

Garmin Heart Rate Monitor strap was £59.99 now £51

Buy now: Garmin Heart Rate Monitor strap at Wiggle for £51

If you have a computer already but want to see how hard you are working, then a heart rate monitor strap could be paired to your device to record your efforts out on a ride. This can be used to plan your efforts or give you something to aim towards out on the road working on your specific hear rate zones.

With a nice discount on at Wiggle, this could be a good time to dip into the world of data.