Garmin vivofit makes fitness impossible to ignore

The Garmin vivofit is the latest piece of wearable tech to keep a track on your fitness throughout the day

It’s impossible to ignore the rise of wearable tech over the last couple of years, and the new Garmin vivofit is the latest entrant to a growing market that should appeal to the casual weekend warrior, the serious racer, and everyone in-between.

Available in six different colours, the new fitness band sits on your watch and monitors your daily activity, measuring steps and heart rate (when used with a Garmin heart rate monitor)  to provide an accurate record of calorie output which should be invaluable for anyone looking to shed a few pounds after an intense period of off-season cake-consumption.

Of course measuring activity also means the Garmin vivofit will keep track of your inactivity, keeping you on your toes with a red bar which creeps across the LCD when you spend too long sitting still. A couple of minutes walking will see this bar recede and will also move you towards your daily step goal, which the Garmin vivofit sets automatically as it learns your level of activity.


The creeping red bar will keep you moving throughout the day.

And the data-gathering doesn’t stop when the sun goes down, with the Garmin vivofit able to monitor the length and quality of your sleep. As is the case with all the metrics, this is then synced wirelessly with the free Garmin Connect app on your smartphone or computer.

Garmin claim that battery life is in excess of a year, with power coming from two standard wristwatch batteries which can be easily replaced. This means the Garmin vivofit can simply be put on and forgotten about – that is until the red bar starts to creep across the screen…

The basic unit is priced at £99.99 for the band only or £139.99 including a heart rate monitor. For more information visit the Garmin website.