100% launches two new pairs of cycling sunglasses, including those worn by Sagan at Paris-Roubaix

We previously spotted Sagan in them at Paris-Roubaix and now they've been officially launched

Previously, we'd reported that Peter Sagan had been spotted wearing a new pair of unreleased 100% cycling glasses when he won Paris-Roubaix. Now, those glasses have officially been revealed to be the 100% S2 models. They've been released alongside another pair, the 100% Sportcoupe.

The new S2 models will be available in seven different colours and lens combinations and will cost between £139.99 and £179.99. Meanwhile the Sportcoupe glasses will cost between 3124.99 and £159.99 and are available in six different combinations on the 100% website.

The new 100% S2 glasses

Instead of the angular frames that we've seen on the 100% Speedcraft and Speedcraft Air, the new S2 glasses have a more rounded profile, before coming to a point directly below the lenses.

These glasses are, according to 100%, inspired by the success of the Speedcraft models and feature innovative new laser etching technologies. This, the brand says, gives the glasses the look of a full frame model but in a lightweight, rimless cylindrical shield.

It says that these large, cylindrical lenses offer unobstructed views, which is something we've come to expect from the brand.

Those lenses feature a Hydroilo coating that repels oil and water as well as ultra-grip rubber nose and temple tips. As standard they feature 100%'s Peak Polar technology, which it says polarises your surroundings without reducing visibility.

The glasses are also available with 100%'s Hiper lens technology which is effectively the brand's equivalent of Oakley's Prizm tech. It apparently gives greater contrast and more vivid colours by filtering certain light rays which makes everything look starker and it's easy to see minor details.

From the designs, the glasses are not dissimilar to Oakley's EVZero Pitch shades that are a featherweight pair of glasses with large lenses giving excellent peripheral vision. These might be 100%'s attempt to create a truly lightweight pair of sunnies, which would balance the heavier framed models that currently occupy the 100% range.

The new Sportcoupe models

The Sportcoupe models are slightly different again, and 100% says these are an evolution of the Speedcoupe models already available. The lenses help reduce blue light and they should have good eye coverage. 100% says it is a versatile frame for cycling, triathlon and running pursuits and that the glasses were developed in collaboration with 100% triathlete Mauricio Mendez. They're pretty similar in design to their older sibling, the Speedcoupe.

Either way, it's safe to say these new models here are more subtle that the last pair – the 100% Speedcraft Air which were a real head turner, featuring a "nasal dilator" that allows the rider to modulate their nasal passages for more or less oxygen intake.

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