Stages launches a complete exercise smart bike

StagesBike is designed to be rugged, future-proofed and adjustable

Stages Cycling indoor excercise bike

Key features of the StagesBike include its highly adjustable ride position, with the saddle and bar height and forward/aft positioning adjustable. There are calibration marks on the bar and saddle mounts to ensure replicable set-up. Plus the cranks are designed so you can easily alter the crank length between 165mm, 170mm, 172.5mm and 175mm, simply by screwing the pedals into a different hole in the cranks.

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The bike can provide resistance of up to 3000 watts at 120rpm, with power delivered from the cranks via a Gates carbon belt drive, for quiet, maintenance-free running. Power output is measured via a Stages Gen 3 dual sided power meter.

You can adjust your effective crank length just by moving the pedals between holes in the cranks

The StagesBike comes with a set of standard road drop bars and saddle for a natural ride feel. It’s designed so you can swap these out easily if you prefer another model. The brake hoods include integrated, programmable shift buttons and you can add satellite shifters too if you like.

Bar and saddle are designed for easy position adjustment

Connectivity is provided to external devices via Bluetooth and ANT+ and there are two USB ports included, to keep your devices charged as you train. Stages says that it’s designed to work with Zwift and other training platforms. It’s futureproofed the StagesBike by including programmable electronic shifting, braking and steering, so it can handle any future developments in training apps.

Best known for its power meters, Stages also produces hardware for fitness clubs, so it says that it’s got the understanding to build a rugged, durable exercise bike.

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Pat Warner, Stages Cycling Vice President says: “The StagesBike maintains our focus on innovation, accuracy, and reliability, pairing our years of experience building bikes that can withstand the abuse of a fitness club with the real-world cycling expertise demanded by Tour de France-level professionals.”

Stages says that the StagesBike will be available from quarter one of 2020, with a price between $2600 and $2800, dependent on country of purchase.