Wahoo Kickr bike is now available to order

The integrated system promises to blur the lines between indoor and outdoor riding - even the wind on your face is included

(Image credit: David Emmite)

The hotly anticipated Wahoo Kickr bike is now available for pre-order in the UK, with delivery expected from next week onwards.

The exercise bike which hooks up with training platforms like Zwift was previously only available to US customers.

Priced at £2999.99, it's clearly an investment product. However, the brand is calling the system the most "advanced indoor cycling smart bike" available.

(Image credit: David Emmite)

The bike combines the resistance unit we know and love from the Kickr smart trainer, with the up and downhill movement seen in the Kickr Climb as well as additional nods to realism, like the Kickr Headwind indoor cycling fan.

Indoor cycling is of course seeing an upsurge amid the current coronavirus crisis, with some European cyclists banned from cycling outside and others opting to do so. 

Commenting on the Kickr bike, Wahoo Fitness CEO Mike Saturnia said: “Over the past six years, we’ve seen an incredible increase in indoor cycling and the sales of Kickr indoor smart trainers.

“During this time, we’ve built the most complete ecosystem of connected indoor cycling products. The Kickr Bike represents the next generation of indoor smart training for Wahoo and delivers the most complete, unparalleled riding experience in its class. It is the ultimate product for discerning, data-driven athletes who are ready for a feature-rich, top-quality, responsive, dedicated indoor bike as the new cornerstone of their fitness.”

(Image credit: David Emmite)

The Kickr bike connects to the Wahoo App and there's plenty of opportunity for customisation. The bike of course has its own gear shifting, and this can be set up to replicate the systems offered by Shimano, SRAM and Campagnolo. Users can also customise  their gear ratio so that the chainrings and cassette represent their own set up.

Built in algorithms are said to create a lifelike pedalling feel that even replicates the effect of shifting. Wahoo says "the extensive feature set blurs the line between the indoor reality and an outdoor experience."

The App also guides users through assembly and bike fit; riders can take a photo of their outdoor bike, enter their body measurements, or even data from a Retul fit and be provided with the crucial measurements needed to set up the Kickr Bike to mach exactly.

Wahoo’s Director of Product Management, Jose Mendez said: “The Kickr ThwBike represents the highest standard for indoor smart bike performance and has extensive features.

“However, we went to great lengths to ensure the product remained simple and intuitive to set up and operate. We’ve learned that it’s not enough to make a product with a lot of great features. We knew the Kickr Bike needed to be as effortless as possible to use so athletes can focus on training and not troubleshooting.”

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