Indoor Cycling

With indoor cycling growing in popularity every year, there's now plenty of opportunities to take your training further, with races available for those who seek competition. Zwift is the pioneer in indoor cycling races.

  • There's many benefits of cycling indoors. Firstly, you can escape bad weather - which can be dangerous if we're talking snow and ice levels.
  • Secondly, you can't freewheel - so every second of your training time is productive in terms of fitness goals - making indoor cycling a very time efficient option.
  • Thirdly, indoor cycling is perfect for completing structured training sessions and intervals which may be hard to perform alongside the traffic and road furniture outside.

If you're pedalling away at home, there's a range of indoor cycling apps which can help to keep you entertained and most provide structured training sessions.

This page contains all of our indoor cycling coverage, with news, reviews and buying guides to help you stay up to date and ensure you never miss an indoor fitness fix...

Indoor cycling is a great way to stay fit when you're limited on time, or when weather conditions get in the way of spinning down the country lanes we know and love over the summer months.

There's several different ways you can get your pedal fix indoors: via a turbo trainer or rollers set up in your house, at a gym or taking part in a spinning class are all popular options.

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