Sigma Sport continue in the domestic peloton

Sigma Sport will continue in the domestic peloton this year, despite the demise of its professional team.

Spread betting company IG withdrew its sponsorship from IG-Sigma Sport, the UCI-ranked squad, in November, which threatened to end Sigma's presence on the UK racing scene for over a decade.

But the Kingston-upon-Thames-based cycle shop has joined up with hydration supplement company Nuun & Co to support what will become the Nuun-Sigma Sport-London Racing Team (opens in new tab) for the 2014 season.

The team all hold down full-time jobs, and fellow sponsor Peak Cycling Performance (opens in new tab) will be engaging in some real-life case studies into how performance can be improved with a busy work/life schedule.

"We'll set out to do the events which attract the biggest crowds, such as the big track meets in and around London, and town centre road racing such as the London Nocturne," team manager and rider Cameron Fraser told Cycling Weekly.

"The riders come to realise what time is available during a busy work/life balance. We have to work out how to fit training around commuting to work, and making use of the available time during the week. We look for quality of training over the volume. It's about being smart with your time.

"After the events, it's important for us to talk about cycling and getting into racing to other riders and people in the pubs and cafes who have come down to watch. We don't just pack up and go home."

Joining the existing members of the former Nuun-YB team are the national Derny champion James Holland-Leader, Tom Copeland, who rode for Sigma's (opens in new tab) UCI team in 2011, and CW's own Symon Lewis.

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