Tour de France rest day tweets: Jasper Philipsen dispels embarrassment, strange pixelated announcements and Toms Skujiņš' 'domestique' flight

Some light entertainment to keep you occupied during the final rest day of the Tour de France

Tweets of the week Tour de France
(Image credit: Getty Images)

This year's Tour de France has spoiled us with action, drama and thrilling spectacle, and there's still a week left of racing to go. 

Riders are currently enjoying a well-deserved rest day, though, meaning you're not able to get your daily fix of racing on this fine Monday. We've tried our best to mitigate that issue by rounding up the best social media content from the last seven days, and planting it straight on your doorstep. 

Temperatures are quite literally unbearable outside (both at the Tour and in the UK), so don't act like you've got better things to be doing. From the travels of Geraint Thomas' gilet, to Intermarché–Wanty–Gobert Matériaux's slightly strange use of image to announce they had no Covid-19 positives, there's something for everyone. 

With that in mind, grab yourself an ice cold beverage and sit back and enjoy this instalment of tweets of the weeks, on the final rest day of this year's Tour.

1. Why make an announcement with a high-resolution graphic when you can just use an image taken in 480p? Pixelated photos just look better

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2. On a day like today, we'd rather them than us

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3. Geraint Thomas - the one who's not a cyclist - is back again, this time urging people not to bet on him finishing third at the Tour

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4. Geraint Thomas - the one who is a cyclist - provides an update on his gilet's travels, which are still going strong

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5. Anddddd relax. For today, at least

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6. Any method of cooling down in this heat is acceptable. Just ask Tom Pidcock, using a Carcassonne fountain at the end of stage 15

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7. Practice makes perfect after all. Perhaps Jasper knew something on stage four that we didn't?

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8. Toms Skujiņš providing a better service than Ryanair

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9. And, quite honestly, we don't have a clue what's going on here. Perhaps Magnus enjoyed his stage ten win a little too much...

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