Washington becomes the eighth state with rebates or incentives for e-bike purchases

Measure is lauded as a great step towards reducing short car trips and providing a public health boost

Images shows two people riding e-bikes in the city
(Image credit: Westend61)

Finding alternatives to gas powered transportation has been a hot button issue in recent years. Electric cars have dominated the conversation but bringing e-bikes to the forefront could create a hugely positive change for Americans. Reducing emissions is the obvious benefit of e-bikes along with reducing congestion. The Bureau of Transportation Statistics reports that 52% of all trips by car are less than three miles, and if just 15% percent of those trips were made using an e-bike carbon emissions would decrease by 12 %.

The Washington state legislature approved a $7 million package to support e-bike purchases for individuals and to create e-bike “lending libraries" over the next two years.  Five million would be allotted for the rebates over two years with the remaining two million being put towards creating E-bike sharing programs managed by municipalities, businesses or nonprofits. 

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