Zwift's latest update sees addition of Neokyo to Makuri Islands world

The update includes eight new routes to ride in Neokyo

Zwift Neokyo
(Image credit: Zwift)

Zwift has released its latest update to the platform with the introduction of Neokyo, a night time city with vibrant and neon colours, taking inspiration from Japan's major cities.

Neokyo expands on the fitness platform's latest world, Makuri Islands, following the original Yumezi map released in May 2021. This update now means Makuri Islands has doubled in size, and Zwift users can ride between the two maps connected by a road through rice fields. 

Taking in the fast flat roads of the city, Neokyo's launch also includes eight new routes to ride.

The first of the new routes is called 'Railways and Rooftops', where riders can race along city railways and along roofs around a 6.1km circuit. Another similar route where riders can scale the city's skyline is on 'Rooftop Rendezvous', a 3.7km circuit around the top of Neokyo. 

For Zwift users looking to virtually cycle in more familiar surroundings on the ground, 'Neon Flats' offers a 14.1km route that cuts through the heart of the city. 'Sprinter's Playground' is perfect for those wanting speed in their workouts, with this 12.3km route containing four sprints across the flat city. 'Sleepless City' is another flat route covering 9.5km of the city centre.

'Neokyo All-Nighter' is the sixth route added with the launch of Neokyo, a challenging 24.3km ride that includes four sprints and a King of the Mountain opportunity is on offer too. 

Riders wanting a longer ride taking in both the countryside and the city, 'Wandering Flats' provides a perfect opportunity to explore across 25km. The final route added as part of the update is 'Temples and Towers', which contains three King of the Mountain opportunities across its 32.5km circuit - making it the longest route available in Neokyo.

Zwift users can start riding in Neokyo as soon as they have updated their accounts, but they are advised to allow time due to the size of the release. 

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