Every Shimano 105 Di2 bike released so far; prices starting from £2,299.99

Bianchi, Ribble, Merida, Scott, Orro, Dolan and Fairlight have all revealed which models they'll be speccing with the new third-tier electronic groupset

Image shows bikes with new Shimano 105 Di2
(Image credit: Future)

Ever since Shimano unveiled its 12-speed and electronic-only Ultegra and Dura-Ace groupsets last year, the trickling down of the tech to third tier 105 has been hotly anticipated. 

Although the embargo only recently lifted, there are already brands offering the groupset specced across a range of models – although just when you'll actually be able to ride those bikes is another story...

For the all the juicy details on the new groupset, you can find our Shimano 105 Di2 launch story here. Otherwise, continue reading for a round-up of all the bikes we've found with the new groupsets so far.


Ribble 105 Di2

(Image credit: Ribble)

British consumer-direct brand Ribble will also be offering the new 105 Di2 groupset across a range of models. Pictured above is the Endurance SL R Disc (£3,899) and Endurance SL Disc (£3,499) which, despite its name, is quite an aggressive do-it-all race bike.

Below, we have the Ribble Endurance Ti Disc (£3,399), which has an identical geometry to its carbon-framed cousin, but is constructed from 3AL/2.5V triple-butted titanium.  

Ribble 105 Di2

(Image credit: Ribble)

Not pictured here, but Ribble will also be offering the 105 Di2 groupset on its CGR SL (£2,799) all-road model and the uncompromisingly aero Ultra SLR (£4,499) and Ultra SL (£3,899).

So the Ultra SLR tops out Ribble's 105 Di2 offerings and, at the other end of the spectrum, the cheapest model Ribble has with new third-tier Di2 is the Endurance 725 Disc for £2,499.


Bianchi will be offering four models kitted out with the new third-tier groupset and says that availability before the New Year is limited but “there are definitely some coming before Christmas”. 

No photos are available with the new groupset yet but there won’t be any colour change to the models. 

The Aria Disc is Bianchi’s fast and furious aero race bike that aims to offer the wind-cheating speed of the Oltre but without the premium price tag, and specced with 105 Di2 it comes in at £3,850.

Bianchi’s Sprint is a well-balanced bike that rewards a hard effort but can also handle long distances, and, priced at £3,400, the Sprint is the cheapest offering Bianchi has with the 105 Di2 groupset. 

The Infinito CV Disc comes in Bianchi’s ‘endurance race’ geometry and combined with the comfort-focused Countervail tech this makes for a versatile bike that’s still raceable. It is priced at £5,000. 

The XE model of the Infinito Disc endurance race bike misses out on the Countervail tech but still remains a comfortable bike, and comes in at a more friendly price of £3,650


Merida 105 Di2

(Image credit: Merida)

Merida will be offering a Shimano 105 Di2 option for each of its climbing, endurance and aero models (Scultura, Scultura Endurance and Reacto, respectivey).

Image shows Merida Scultura with new Shimano 105 Di2

(Image credit: Merida)

However, these will only become available in 2023 and Merida hasn't confirmed what the exact spec will be. For now, we've got these images of Reacto and the Scultura to go on... 


Orro has three models available for pre-ordering with the new Shimano 105 Di2 groupset, with the estimated date of arrival said to be 3rd August 2022. 

Image shows Orro Gold STC with new Shimano 105 Di2

(Image credit: Orro)

The Gold STC 105 Di2 is Orro’s fast all-rounder and sneaks in at under the three grand mark with its £2,999 price tag. 

Also for £2,999.99 is the Terra C which is the brand's versatile option that it specs as a road, all-road or gravel bike.  

Image shows Orro Venturi STC with new Shimano 105 Di2

(Image credit: Orro)

Priced just over at £3,150 you have the Venturi STC which is Orro’s speed-focused machine which recently gained a fully integrated cockpit.  


Fairlight 105 Di2

(Image credit: Fairlight)

One of the first to get their hands on Dura-Ace when it launched, British brand Fairlight has pulled the same trick with 105 Di2. Here we have the flagship Strael 3.0 resplendent in the new gruppo

As an aside, if you fancy a delve into the design rationale – all with beautiful images and annotations – Fairlight’s “Detailed Design Notes” of the Strael 3.0 are well worth a look.

More information can be found on Fairlight's website here.


Scott just released the latest iteration of its speed focused Foil racing machine, which goes 20% faster, loses weight and builds extra comfort. We had a chance to ride the top-end spec with SRAM Red eTap AXS on the mixed terrain around Lake Iseo, Italy - check out Anna’s first ride review of the Scott Foil RC Ultimate here -, but the brand’s lowest offering in the range will be kitted out with the new third-tier Di2 groupset.  

Image shows Scott Foil 30 but not yet with new Shimano Di2 groupset

(Image credit: Markus Greber)

Scott hasn’t provided any photos of the bike built up with the new 105 Di2 groupset, but here’s what the rest of the build looks like…

Frame and fork: Foil RC Disc HMX, Foil Disc HMX

Handlebars: Syncros Creston 2.0 Aero 

Stem: Syncros RR 1.5 Aero

Groupset: Shimano 105 Di2 

Gearing: 50/34T chainrings, 11-34T cassette

Wheels: Syncros RR 2.0 Disc

Tyres: Schwalbe One Race-Guard - 25mm front, 28mm rear

Saddle: Syncros Belcarra V-Concept 2.0


Dolan is already selling a grand total of seven bikes with the new Shimano 105 Di2, starting from £2,299.99 for its versatile aluminium RDX and going up to £3,349 for the Ares Disc carbon road bike. 

Image shows Dolan with new Shimano 105 Di2

(Image credit: Dolan)

On Dolan’s website there’s also scope to adjust the spec to your requirements, so bear in mind that the price will change accordingly. 

Image shows Dolan with new Shimano 105 Di2

(Image credit: Dolan)

Also available is the endurance Tuono for £2,949.98.

Image shows Dolan with new Shimano 105 Di2

(Image credit: Dolan)

Plus, Dolan has a carbon e-bike specced with the new 105 Di2 groupset too, that’s the Arteus which comes in at £3,699.99.  

We'll keep adding more models as they appear, so keep checking back for more.

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