Five top celebrity custom bikes: Snoop Dogg, Vettel, Schwarzenegger, Orlando Bloom and Conor McGregor

Titanium. Carbon. Painstaking paintwork. A 3000 watt e-choppercycle – there’s something for everyone

J.Laverack Vettel bike
(Image credit: J.Laverack)

Amid all the glitz and the glamour, you might be surprised by the celebrities harbouring a love of two-wheels deep enough to seek out bespoke and custom builds. These span from the efficiently functional to stunning displays of artistic design. 

And, of course, there are some which fall into neither of these categories – but are very much worth an inclusion nonetheless. Here’s five top celebrity custom bikes that caught our eye.

Snoop Dogg’s East Van Chopcycle

East Van Chopcycles, a handmade e-bike company based in Vancouver, Canada, put together a custom build for Snoop Dogg and featuring in his music video One Blood, One Cuzz.

Between the twin toptube there’s a plate leaving no ambiguity over whose bike this is, while the white wall tyres strike a retro finish that would require a bit more upkeep over the more commonly employed tan side walls.

There are some nods to practicality, though, with a kickstand and mudguard (or fender) arching over the rear tyre. The treatment doesn’t extend to the front however, perhaps because the dual crown suspension fork doesn’t have the necessary mounts.

A 3000w motor is said to give a possible 82kph top speed but would drain the modestly sized 10Ah battery pretty quickly. A regenerative front brake does serve to help recover some of that power, though.

Sebastian Vettel’s titanium R J.ACK Disc III

Here with have F1 legend, Sebastian Vettel’s titanium R J.ACK Disc III in a bespoke specification. The detailing of the frame is as exquisite as ever, from the engraved headtube ‘badge’ to the precision welding around the bottom bracket and the tiny ‘J.L’ inscription on the non-driveside dropout.

J. Laverack custom Vettel bike

(Image credit: J. Laverack)

Perhaps surprisingly, the tyres are from Continental rather than Pirelli, the exclusive manufacturer for F1. That said, given that the brand ÆRA supplies the carbon kit – from forks and wheels, to handlebars and seatposts – across much of J. Laverack’s range, it’s possible that Vettel didn’t get too much of a say in the exact specification. 

This build is covered in ÆRA, too. 

The top cap, though, is not completely to spec. Anyway, component choices aside, should Vettel have wished, he could have chosen from any of J. Laverack’s gravel or endurance builds – the choice of this race geometry frame shows that speed isn’t something he’d wish to take a break from when cycling - despite saying that he actively avoids becoming too competitive on the bike.

Arnold Schwarzenegger's Matchless Urban ebike

It's no secret that 74-year-old Terminator star Schwarzenegger is a big fan of getting out on two wheels, and he's been spotted several times out on a very bling looking custom machine, perhaps most famously in Santa Monica alongside Greta Thunberg, who he described as "my friend and one of my heroes."

matcheless bikes arnold schwarznegger

(Image credit: Matchless)
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The electric fat bike, we believe, comes from Matchless London, a former British motorcycle brand that has switched its focus to clothing, with a small sideline in electric bikes. The brand calls its 'Urban E-Bike' a "two wheels SUV". 

Matchless London sells a version of Arie's bike among its very own Arnold Schwarzenegger collection, though, you can't have the  exact build - the stock model comes with a rigid fork whilst the stat has added some suspension both at the fork and via the saddle. 

Orlando Bloom’s Festka Scalatore

You might already know that when not fighting orcs or sailing the high seas, Orlando Bloom has a strong passion for bikes, and a heavy preference for Rapha kit

Pictured here in the Czech winter, it seems that Bloom also has a soft spot for the classic stylings and heritage of rim brakes, with a fully mechanical Campagnolo groupset setting things off nicely. Shallow section rims affirm that, at least for him, aero isn’t necessarily everything.

Bloom’s relationship with Festka runs quite deep, he’s also had a custom painted Spectre Splash whipped up for him by the Prague-based brand. With an eye-catching pink to blue fade, the components are just as striking. 

Festka Orlando Bloom

(Image credit: Festka)

Four-spoke monocoque carbon wheels with massive oversized hubs almost obscure the disc rotors, while the oversized pulley wheel and Vittoria Corsa tyres underline the intention for speed.

Conor McGregor's FiftyOne road bike

Although the bike most recently posted to McGregor's Instagram is a full suspension MTB, the notorious mixed-martial artist is also quite an avid roadie.

He’s holder of 81 KOMs, posted a time of 2:24 up the Koppenberg and his longest climb stands at 1,337m, up the Ultra Puerto de la Cabra in southern Spain.

FiftyOne Bikes is a custom outfit from McGregor's home country of Ireland – subtly nodded to by the detailing on the end of the chain- and seat-stays. McGregor's name and FiftyOne's branding appears on the bike in gold leaf, sealed from the elements by a transparent lacquer.

McGregor's another one to have a soft spot for rim brakes, with the groupset being 2x11 SRAM Red eTap and the carbon wheels from Zipp. 

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