Raleigh redesigns its Motus range with the best-selling electric hybrid offered across five new models

New line-up features 10 new colourways and uses Bosch's in-frame PowerTube to deliver greater range

Raleigh launch updated Motus e-bike for 2022
(Image credit: Raleigh)

Raleigh has redesigned its Motus range, breathing new life into its best-selling hybrid E-bike.

Describing the new Motus as “the electric hybrid for everyday life”, Raleigh says its suitable for “weekend adventures, morning commutes or coffee runs”.

The line up comprises five models, all of which are available in either cross bar or step through designs. Interestingly, Raleigh has also chosen to offer 10 different colourways. 

The Motus, first launched in 2019, gained a following as one of the best e-bikes (opens in new tab)thanks largely to a blend of quality and comfort delivered at an affordable price. With this new range the British brand is looking to extend the bike's appeal while still retaining its original DNA.

Raleigh redeisgns Motus e-bike for 2022

(Image credit: Raleigh)

The entry point is the ‘standard’ 7-speed Motus. It’s priced at £2,199 and is built around a 400WH Bosch Active Line motor (opens in new tab) that allows up to 80 miles of assisted riding on a single charge. There’s also a Purion Display mounted on the bars, which can be switched between four different modes as well as showing speed, battery life and remaining range. 

Elsewhere it has a host of features you’d expect, or at least want, from a hybrid bike (opens in new tab), namely hydraulic disc brakes, suspension forks, a rear pannier rack (opens in new tab) and a kickstand. Whether you're heading into town to run some errands or going for a ride along a local towpath or bike trail, the Motus looks equipped to handle both.

Raleigh Motus detail 2022

(Image credit: Raleigh)

Move up a rung on the Motus ladder and you get the Tour model. It’s offered in both a hub and derailleur gear option, with the former costing £2,599 and the later a hundred pounds cheaper. They boast additional features including Bosch’s PowerTube battery, integrated lights and a built-in wheel lock. The display is also upgraded - out goes the Purion and in comes Bosch’s Intuvia head unit. 

Raleigh Motus 2022 detail

(Image credit: Raleigh)

The range is completed by the Grand Tour model. Again, it’s available with either derailleur or hub gearing systems but delivers more power than either the Motus or the Motus Tour, a 20% increase to be precise. This additional power comes courtesy of the 500WH Bosch PowerTube, and the Bosch Active Line Plus Motor. The combination, Raleigh says, gives the rider “the freedom to go further and for longer than ever before.” And the cost of this power boost? The Grand Tour Derailleur model has an RRP of £2,699, while the hub gear version costs £2,799.

Raleigh Motus 2022 battery detail

(Image credit: Raleigh)

The Bosch PowerTube is perhaps the most significant of the new upgrades. The in-frame motor weighs less than 3kg and is designed to be easily removed, making charging at home more convenient than it’s ever been. When choosing an e-bike (opens in new tab), it's a detail that's easily overlooked.

The popularity of E-bikes (opens in new tab) has certainly increased since the Motus was first released. The result is a potential customer base that’s broader and more nuanced. Certainly the publicity shots indicate a bike that’s been created with a wide range of users in mind, as does the decision to offer such a choice when it comes to colours.  

We've yet to ride the new Motus but the increased power and extended range, as well as the use of commuter-friendly tech such as integrated lights, point to a sequel that could prove every bit as popular as the original.

For more information, visit raleigh.co.uk (opens in new tab)

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