Shimano teases 2024 line-up of its popular S-PHYRE performance shoes

Three new models promise 'unmatched performance' and includes the line's first-ever triathlon shoe

Shimano S-PHYRE RC903PWR road shoes
(Image credit: Shimano)

Promising "unmatched performance, power transfer and style," Shimano today teased the 2024 line-up of its popular S-PHYRE shoe collection, stating that its athletes will soon be seen sporting the new shoes.

The iconic blue shoes were first introduced in 2016, and remain one of the most popular shoes in the pro and elite pelotons. A high-performance shoe, the collection is built around a lightweight rigid carbon sole, ventilated uppers and BOA dials for a customizable fit.

Details regarding the new shoes are intentionally brief, the brand says, and more information will follow in the spring. 

The collection comprising three distinct models -S-PHYRE RC903PWR, S-PHYRE XC903 and the inaugural S-PHYRE TR903 - and caters to the demanding needs of mountain biking, road racing and triathlon events at the highest level.

The new models are said to sport "upgraded performance features, added durability and next-level stiffness" but what exactly these features have not yet been released.

Here's a first look at the three-shoe S-PHYRE collection:

S-PHYRE RC903PWR - tuned for road, track and time-trail specialists

Shimano S-PHYRE RC903PWR road shoes

(Image credit: Shimano)

Designed to cater specifically to the demands of road racing, track events and the high-power exertions of sprinters and time-trial specialists, the S-PHYRE RC903PWR promises 'next-level stiffness' and performance.

The S-PHYRE XC903 for off-road racing

Shimano S-PHYRE XC903 off-road shoes

(Image credit: Shimano)

The S-PHYRE XC903 boasts durability and robustness with race-driven performance aimed at cyclocross and mountain bike athletes. 

The S-PHYRE TR903 - Shimano's first-ever S-PHYRE shoe specifically made for triathlon

Shimano S-PHYRE TR903 triathlon shoes

(Image credit: Shimano)

Introducing the TR903, Shimano's inaugural triathlon shoe designed for speedy transitions and powerhouse accelerations in short-course racing. 

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