Continental Grand Prix

Price as reviewed:


Despite being designated as an all-round or training tyre the Grand Prix is better than this.
While the 60 threads per inch construction, 24mm width, cheap price and unsophisticated Poly X Breaker all suggest a workaday unit, performance is sophisticated.

Being handmade in Germany, this tyre’s manufacturing isn’t farmed out to the Far East. instead it’s made in the company’s headquarters, where labour costs are higher. Secondly it’s made with Continental’s performance compound — Black Chili — so grip is top notch.

Available in 22 or 24mm wire or folding, and a 28mm wire version.


They do suffer, as every tyre does, with flints cutting them up. But if you’re looking for a quality, grippy tyre for fast summer performance that won’t break the bank look no further than the Grand Prix.


Cons: No cons
Pros: Made with Black Chili compound Made in Germany Performs well
Supplier: Continental,