Hutchinson Intensive Tubeless tyres




  • Puncture resistant
  • Tough


  • Dead ride feel

Price as reviewed:


The Intensive is Hutchinson’s ‘tough nut’ tubeless 25c training tyre, offering durability and cut resistance, with thermoplastic reinforced tread and additional Kevlar puncture protection.

Having previously highly praised Hutchinson’s Fusion 2 tubeless tyre for its fast, ‘tubular-like’ feel, it’s evident how much ride feel is sacrificed by adding the additional durability and protection.

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We appreciate it’s like having your cake and eating it, but the Intensive has a more wooden and slightly dead feel, and the fast-rolling benefits associated with tubeless are significantly reduced.


For puncture resistance it's top rate, with no visible tread cuts or flints after several mucky, wet rides, but the loss of feel is significant to the point that one of the main reasons for buying tubeless has all but been lost, and combined with the cost it's hard to get behind the Intensives, at least as a First Ride.


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