Vittoria Open Pave EVO-CG tyre




  • Green and black 'Paris-Roubaix' look
  • 24mm width
  • Large air volume
  • Si02 3D compound grips well
  • Smooth ride


  • Casing on our test tyres was slightly prone to cutting up

Price as reviewed:


if you are after a Classics-looking tyre, don’t look any further than the Vittoria Open Pave EVO-CG — nothing shouts ‘Roubaix’ louder than these green and black treads.

Coming in a 24mm width, the Pave has plenty of air volume to add a touch of comfort, especially in winter, and a bit more rubber on the road. Needless to say, these tyres still run more than fast enough.

After enduring a winter of riding on some rough old roads the SiO2 3D compound has gripped well on water-drenched and mud-engulfed tarmac but has been a little susceptible to cutting up. Nevertheless, most of the debris has not managed to get past the PRB puncture protection, with Vittoria’s Corespun 290tpi casing. 


The Vittoria Open Pave EVO-CG looks the part and the ride is excellent – far superior to a stiff winter tyre.